Techniques to Preserve Apple Watch Power During Physical Activity

If you use your Apple Watch frequently, you probably wonder how to get the most out of its charge. Apple has included one more function to help you do the task at hand, which should make your life a little simpler.

For certain workouts, you may now lower the frequency of heart rate and GPS readings with watchOS 9.1, therefore increasing the battery life of your Apple Watch. However, in order to take use of this function, you will need to have one of the most recent Apple Watch models.

Tips for maximizing the runtime of your Apple Watch

Workout settings allow users of the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch SE (second generation), and Apple Watch Ultra to adjust the frequency at which their GPS and heart rate are measured.

By taking less frequent readings, the accuracy of the data will suffer. But it comes in handy when your watch is almost out of juice. This power-saving option may be used with the Outdoor Walk, Outdoor Run, and Hiking exercise modes.

Strangely, the Apple Watch models that may benefit the most from this function (older versions with less-than-ideal battery life) are the ones that can’t utilize it. It would be great if Apple also made this update available for their earlier generations of Apple Watch.

You may immediately update to watchOS 9.1’s release candidate by registering your watch in Apple’s beta program and downloading it from the public beta channel.

Given that this is a release candidate, you shouldn’t encounter any of the bugs that plague beta versions of software. If you’d rather not take part in the beta program, you may wait until Monday, October 24 for Apple’s official release of watchOS 9.1.

Obtain Tunes Without Having to Charge Your Wristwatch

If you update to watchOS 9.1, you can now listen to Apple Music and download music without needing to charge your watch first.

This function is somewhat buried. In order to gain access, use the Music app and select any album or playlist. Select either View Album or View Playlist by tapping the ellipses’ arrow button. Select Download by tapping the ellipsis menu once again.

Techniques to Preserve Apple Watch Power During Physical Activity
Techniques to Preserve Apple Watch Power During Physical Activity

The Apple Watch will prompt you to download music while it is charging for the first time. The Digital Crown may be used to go to the Download Now option further down the page. This makes it much easier to add music to your Apple Watch using iTunes.

It’s also important to note that the Matter smart home connectivity standard is now available on Apple Watches running watchOS 9.1. Those that adhere to the Matter standard will be able to communicate with each other more smoothly if you have a large number of smart home gadgets.

In theory, this implies you can use your Apple Watch to manage non-Apple home automation systems.


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