Which cell phone companies use Verizon towers. 

In the United States, Verizon is counted as one of the largest and biggest wireless network service provider. Among all service providers, Verizon is the most preferred provider due to its popularity and good service. It does not mean that the other providers do not use the tower for their wireless, dependable coverage. Therefore, some cell phone companies demand access for Verizon towers to provide their service. If you are using cell phone companies for Verizon tower service, you have to switch to another provider without giving up your mobile because you like it and want to pay for it.

You can simply change service without giving up your mobile or good network coverage on Verizon. You can simply go to other cell phone companies’ service providers that are in competition with Verizon or use their tower for their coverage. You Can also go for different cell phones and have the cell phone and have any cell phone using MVNO ( mobile virtual network operator ) through Verizon. Here we will give you the list of all Cell phone’s best companies, run a network on Verizon tower.

5 Cell phone’s best company, runs a network on Verizon tower. 

  1. Visible 

One of the most different and unique mobile wireless networks that use Verizon for cover analysis is visible. Visible provides you with different services from other service providers. You can switch your service remotely from their website. Everything can be done from their website including paying bills. Creating an account gives you a subscription and much more in only a 40m dollars per month plan, it is offered by visible to their customer.

In this plan, you can get unlimited talk time and messages at the speed of 5 Mbps. It is considered to be quite fair to stream HD videos. They don’t bind you to their company through any contract, You can get a plan according to your requirements. You are also able to unsubscribe. You can get a visible phone that includes the most common iOS in any model. You can also purchase the S series up to Galaxy S9 and S9+. We will write some advantages and disadvantages of visible below :


  • It supports the iOS and S series.
  • It gives good network coverage.
  • 4G LTE internet will be provided.
  • Unlimited talk time.


  • It has only one plan.
  • Only visible R2 is provided in exchange for an old phone. 

Straight talk

Straight talk is one of the best talked about MVNO in the united state. If you are living in a town having a Walmart, it is impossible for some to know about straight talk. Straight talk provides you with all services. It gives the plan with the sprint, AT’S T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

Straight talk
Straight talk

These plans start from35 dollars per month providing 3G internet of $G LTE. The second is 44 dollars providing 25 GB of 4G LTE. They also provide some plans of international level, For example, unlimited hotspot and data packages to their customers and free talk time in countries like India and Mexico. The advantages and disadvantages of straight talk are given below :


  • Provide multiple data plans.
  • Availability of international hotspot.
  • Service is available at Walmart.


  • Not compatible with iOS generation
  • Only available for single users. 

Total wireless

Total wireless uses Verizon’s tower to give the best coverage to its customers due to its demand. Total wireless comes with multiple plans. You can choose many types of plans, depending on your requirement. In the sample, we take the cheapest MVNO using Verizon tower. It starts with 23 dollars per month without a data package.

If you want to use the internet you can get a plan of 33 dollars per month with 5G of LTE. If you want to use the internet untypically, you have to jump on 47 dollars per month with 25 GB of LTE. You also have the option to choose the range of 50 to 95 dollars. Its advantages and disadvantages are also given :


  • It is easy to use. 
  • It has a cost effect. 
  • It will also give family plans


  • It only competes with the Samsung series.
  • No hotspot is provided. 

US Mobile

US mobile
US mobile

US mobile phones are not so popular among people but they have some good, beautiful features. It works with multiple service providers. Some of its points are the same as straight talk. In US mobile you can tailor up your plan according to your needs. Which is the best feature. Advantages and disadvantages are also given :


  • It provides custom made plans 
  • It also gives a free trial program plan 
  • It also includes individual and family plans both. 


  • No international hotspot. 
  • Data roaming is expensive.

Spectrum Mobile 

Spectrum mobile service is only available to subscribers of their screen internet home service. It provides free talk time. text data and hotspot within the country. You also have the option to upgrade plans from paying 14 dollars for each GD. 


  • Plans can be upgraded
  • Unlimited talk time 
  • New phones are available at affordable prices.


  • The activation fee of 10 dollars is charged to new users.
  • A hotspot is available within the country.
  • Only available for subscribers.


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