YouTube for Android TV UI Tweaks

The user interface for the YouTube player for Android TV is being updated. The new user interface was first noticed by 9to5Google, and it incorporates elements of the Material You style. At its left end, above the playing progress meter, is a pill-shaped title box.

The video’s title is displayed in bold at the top of the white box, with the channel’s name, the number of views, and the upload date listed just below.

This latest report states that on Android TV and Google TV-powered devices, this box takes the place of the title text in the top left corner of the YouTube player user interface. It may be widened to display a detailed summary of the currently playing video.

On the other hand, the study states that the material becomes less visible as the box is brought up. So maybe you shouldn’t try to enlarge it while watching a video on YouTube.

The new layout of the player’s user interface places channel information and extra video settings on the right side of the screen. Above the playing progress metre on the right are the options to like or hate the video, add subtitles, and adjust the video’s quality.

The transparent button casings are unique to each individual button. The newspaper observes that this modification makes it more difficult to access the settings. They need additional button presses to operate.

Another change that some users may find unappealing is the new YouTube player interface on Android TV. When using a remote to scrub through material, the new report claims that relevant information will continue to show beneath the playing progress indicator. As a result, the interface becomes more cluttered, which isn’t ideal for the user.

YouTube for Android TV UI Tweaks
YouTube for Android TV UI Tweaks

YouTube’s Android TV UI Revamp is Going Out

The YouTube app that comes pre-installed on Android TV does not receive a great deal of UI improvements. Over the course of the previous year, it received description and channel shortcuts inside the player interface.

After thereafter, Google updated its video streaming app for televisions to include a suitable playlist user interface. It made it possible for you to see all of the videos in a series. The business is now rolling out a revised user interface for the YouTube player on its TV platform, along with some adjustments to Material You.

The most recent update began its rollout not too long ago, but Google appears to be moving quickly to provide it to users. The newspaper has confirmed that the new YouTube player UI is available on several Android TV and Google TV devices, such as Chromecast and Nvidia Shield TV.

It is most likely a server-side upgrade, and over the following few days, it should be accessible to all qualified users around the world.

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