How To Transfer Regular Load To GCash? Possible or Not? (Check Here)

Are you trying to figure out how to transfer a normal load to Gcash? Gcash includes a number of features that make financial transitions more accessible and convenient for its users. Now, you may transfer, store, and withdraw money without having a bank account. However, does this indicate that prepaid or regular load can be transferred to GCash?

Transferring a regular amount of money to GCash?

The prepaid load could be converted to GCash accounts in the past, right? However, this is no longer possible due to the fraudulent activities related to the transfer of prepaid load to GCash balances.

It is currently only possible to convert your load to Gcash by selling your load and then transferring the money to your Gcash account. GCash cashing instructions can be found on the official GCash website, here.

The Globe load is converted to GCash.

You can also sell your load to other Globe or TM numbers, as previously mentioned. If you’d rather have the money sent directly to your GCash account, you can request that buyers do so.

How to Share-a-load Globe

You’ve got two choices.

1. *143#


Dial *143# to begin

  • Step 2: From the drop-down menu, select “My Account.
  • Next, enter “3” for “Send A Load/Promo/MB”
  • You can select one of these options in Step 4:

1. With a pin, you can distribute the load.
2. Transfer load without pinning
3. Promote without pinning
4. Promote pinning

  • To complete the transfer, enter the amount and the recipient’s phone number. Put 2 in place of 0.

Using SMS

Using the PIN

Send the following text message to the number you want to share-a-load with:

PIN space> Amount

If you want to send 50 to the number 29172345678 and your PIN is 1234, for example, type 50 1234 and send to 29172345678.

Without a PIN,

Send the following text message to the number you want to share-a-load with:


For instance, if you want to send 50 to the number 29172345678, send message 50 to 29172345678.

Wait for an SMS confirmation. Respond YES if you want to proceed with the transaction.

In our How-to section, we have a plethora of other guides relating to GCash, Smart, and Globe.

Smart Load to Gcash Conversion

You can convert your Smart load to GCash in the same way that you can convert your Globe load by selling your credit to other users.

How to Pasaload Smart


Continual credit
Send a text message to 808 in the following format:

11-digit mobile number> space amount> Pasaload

For instance, Pasaload 08637644621 30.

Promotional bundle
Send a text message to 808 in the following format:

PASALOAD 11-digit mobile number> promo code>

Pasaload 08637644621 GST50, for example.

Instead of accepting cash, you can request that buyers transfer funds to your GCash account. You can find our guide to cashing out GCash here.

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