No, None of Your ‘overwatch’ Skins, Progress, or Other Items Have Been Lost in the Transition to ‘Overwatch 2’.

Over 36 hours after the game’s release, launch problems with Overwatch 2 continue to cause frustration among players. Although Blizzard is doing everything in its power to resolve the issues, some users are still uncertain as to the whereabouts of their Overwatch 1 cosmetics, progress, cash, and other goods.

Those who are able to do so have discovered that not all of the items they earned in the first game have made it over to the collection. In instance, after consolidating their accounts, individuals no longer have access to the cross-platform content that was previously available to them.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering, “Where did all my Overwatch skins go?” Fortunately, according to Blizzard, the answer is “no.” Players for Winston may be excused for thinking “all my ape skins gone.” Exception made just this one.)

Blizzard miscalculated how long it would take to merge accounts. A client-side (PC and console) patch is planned for release. However, it can’t do that until next week; the reason was not given. It is now working to fix the issue on the server end as quickly as possible.

This is the situation in almost half of all reported instances of lost skins from player accounts. Blizzard attributes the remaining 50% of the issue to users who haven’t finished the account merging procedure. If you use more than one service, you should do that.

Even if you can’t, it’s worth a go. There are bugs in the game that could have prevented players from doing so. Due to a problem, the account merging prompt wasn’t shown on some platforms when playing the Overwatch 2 launch release. Blizzard has released a patch for a certain part of this, and it is working to rectify other UI problems.

Progress and appearances have both been problematic for me. The review build’s bug that prevented my Battle Pass progress from transferring across is being fixed. I was encouraged to finish the account merge procedure on my secondary account (yes, I still have one of them). In response, Overwatch 2 told me to launch the game again to have access to all of its content.

No, None of Your 'overwatch' Skins, Progress, or Other Items Have Been Lost in the Transition to 'Overwatch 2'.
No, None of Your ‘overwatch’ Skins, Progress, or Other Items Have Been Lost in the Transition to ‘Overwatch 2’.

I was able to get back in after a while, but the main menu informed me that my account merge was still in the queue. After selecting that, I was met with the same prompt to restart the game in order to finish the merging. The event occurred on a Tuesday evening.

A notification reading “Your accounts are being prepared for migration” appeared on my PC when I checked back in. The current number of people waiting to migrate to the United States is 160,000. There’s no telling how long I’ll have to wait. But at least we’re making headway!

Problems during the launch window were not sought by anyone with any sense of decency. A disappointing introduction to what promises to be an intriguing development in Overwatch. However, Blizzard is actively working to resolve the issue. The retrieval of your belongings is anticipated to occur quickly. However, if something is still missing after this client-side update has been rolled out, a support request should be submitted.

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