Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology (Imaginary World)

In this paragraph we know about Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology. Virtual reality technology is an artificial technology used to realize reality which does not exist like BGMI writes that enter to the virtual world. Morton Heilig invented the first VR called sensorama. For this the headset is made with sensors and camera which used to make the scene like reality.

The example is a VR headset and it also includes HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Google Daydream view. This technique is used in gaming and also used in training for professions like pilot, doctor and hospital.

But this gadget is very costly and not affordable at all. For making its more realistic visual effect and sound are recorded. Instead of this in augmented reality technology in a computer generated image is superimposed into the real world. It changes reality with the help of haptic, visual, audio etc. 

It is also known as mixed reality because the images are made by computer and superimpose the user view in the real world. They make a scene which is confusing between real and fake. 

Difference between Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology. 

augmented and virtual reality
augmented and virtual reality

In AR technology the product is assembled in our environment in all things, added some items ,apps like snapchat filter the face and add some mask or anything else. In VR technology we see the 3d world of games and movies not in reality but in AR technology the things digitally come in the real world. Firstly it detects the object to assemble things and then detects the distance to take filters. It’s a short definition, in long it is given below :

  1. Augmented reality technology 

In AR technology virtual things are involved in reality. It does this with the help of any app on the phone. Firstly it scans the area surrounding us and then adds things according to environment and height of things. It contains many filters and it also has the ability to change background and many other abilities like changing age  to mix real and virtual to make it a mixed reality. 

  1. Virtual reality technology 

In VR technology there is no reality. It is a virtual world. It works with the help of a VR headset with the help of sensors. It realizes that you are in a real world. It’s mostly used for games. Our body gives input to VR headset. 

History of Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology.

Augmented reality technology was firstly used in a machine called sensorama. It was invented by Morton Heiling in 1975. It gives us visual ,sound and smell effects. It was the first AR technology based item which added information. But it was not directly controlled by computers.

augmented and virtual reality
augmented and virtual reality

But the first AR technology was developed in 1968. In this the main focus is on graphics and Ivan Sutherland is also known as father of computer graphics. It makes AR headsets and also VR headsets. Stevve Mann is known for wearable augmented reality technology. He is known as the father of wearable computing. Jaron Lanier is known as the father of virtual reality. The first VR headset was made in 1968 by HMD. In the 2010s the VR festival began to emerge.

Advantage of Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology

  1. AR and VR both are helpful in the study or to take training for doctors and engineers. 
  2. Giving situations of emergency that help to know them what to do in that type of time.
  3. It increases our knowledge more than listening about something.
  4. AR technology reduces the difference between the real and virtual world.
  5. Both AR and VR give a good experience to game lovers.
  6. We can explore the places with the help of VR technology.
  7. Work does not feel like work. Students feel it is fun.

Disadvantage of Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology

  1. It is very expensive to use AR technology projects. 
  2. It is very harmful to use VR headset games , it’s harmful for our eyes and gives us injury because we can not see what is in our surroundings.
  3. Lack of privacy is a big concern of AR applications.
  4. VR headsets are also harmful for our mind.
  5. Sometimes new technology creates problems.
  6. It has a lack of flexibility in study. We can not ask any question to it because it is programmed.
  7. It is bad for your health , due to it we have to suffer with vomiting sometime.


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