Mozilla Releases Firefox 106

Mozilla has released Firefox 106, the latest version of their famous web browser, and it has several significant new features, most notably an upgrade of the PDF viewer (a long time coming). If you’re already a Firefox user or are considering making the move, you might be interested in knowing what’s new in Firefox Quantum.

Firefox Now Supports Annotating PDFs

Updates to Firefox have included fundamental PDF editing capabilities. Annotations and digital signatures may be added to a PDF in the browser as well. It’s not as robust as dedicated PDF editing software, but it gets the job done for the vast majority of users, especially those who prefer not to install a third-party program when the features available right in their browser will suffice.

The in-built PDF editor in Firefox is adequate for signing contracts and completing surveys.

Your Mac Includes Text Recognition Capabilities

This latest release of Firefox is compatible with the helpful Text Recognition function in macOS. With this extension installed, you may now copy text from photos within Firefox. This eliminates the requirement to save the image to your computer before you can copy the text you need. This capability also works in tandem with Mac’s VoiceOver feature, which can read aloud any text found within a picture.

Stick the Incognito Browser to the Desktop

Furthermore, Firefox 106 facilitates the activation of the incognito mode. On Windows, you can now permanently add a button that will open Firefox in incognito mode on the taskbar.

Stick the Incognito Browser to the Desktop
Stick the Incognito Browser to the Desktop

Try Out the Latest Version of Firefox View

Syncing your bookmarks and history between devices is now much easier with Firefox. The Firefox View feature makes it easy to locate tabs active on other devices and recently closed tabs if you use Firefox on both your smartphone and PC.

After installing version 106 of Firefox, you may access Firefox View by clicking the Firefox icon in the system’s upper left corner. You can also access the brand-new Firefox themes here. Pick the color scheme that best expresses who you are or how you’re feeling right now.


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