Final Fantasy VII Remake Board Game

Square Enix is working on an official Final Fantasy VII Remake board game, which will turn the city of Midgar into a dice-and-piece battlefield. Games like Stardew Valley’s agricultural simulator and The Binding of Isaac’s roguelike have both been adapted into board and card games for tabletop play.

Products ranging from jewelry to perfume have been inspired by the Final Fantasy series. This is especially true with the FF7 Remake. There haven’t been many Final Fantasy board games throughout the years, but the Chocobo ones have been particularly well received.

Despite the availability of several high-quality board games inspired by popular video games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Resident Evil, and Horizon: Zero Dawn, this is not the case. Games like Elden Ring’s next board game, which was financed through Kickstarter, have high-quality components like these.

You Will Need to Play Intermission Prior to Starting FF7 Rebirth

Square Enix is making a bold move into the realm of board games by adapting one of its most popular titles. A sign for a Final Fantasy 7 remake board game, including the Square Enix logo but no further credits, was seen by Dicebreaker’s Matt Jarvis during the Essen Spiel 2022 conference.

The only information available about a release date is that the game is “Coming Soon,” which probably won’t happen until 2023 at the earliest. A board game adaptation of Chocobo’s Dungeon is also advertised to release in 2023.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Board Game
Final Fantasy VII Remake Board Game

Both Final Fantasy Vii and Chocobo’s Dungeon Are Getting the Board Game Treatment

Because there is an official Final Fantasy TCG, you may play a tabletop game set in the same universe as FF7 Remake and the other Final Fantasy games. In 2024, there will be Final Fantasy trading cards released for Magic: The Gathering.

Whether Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s entire board game will be dice-based or card-based, PvP or co-op, or just another Mafia/Werewolf clone, with a Shinra agent infiltrating Avalanche, remains to be seen. Since the Final Fantasy 7, Remake board game is still only a logo seen at a convention and hasn’t been officially revealed yet, there are many options and it’s too early to determine which route it will go in.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake board game should, at the very least, take place fully in Midgar, and the city may serve as a convenient setting for the board. It’s also possible that the playable characters in the board game will be the party members from Final Fantasy 7 Remake (Cloud, Barret, Tifa, Aerith, and even Yuffie from the INTERmission DLC). The official Final Fantasy VII Remake board game might be well worth it just for the miniatures it comes with.


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