The Last of Us Part II: Director’s Cut

The Last of Us remake and a longer release window for The Last of Us Part II were both announced by Tom Henderson of Naughty Dog in early 2022.

The sole update to the sequel to Ellie and Joel’s adventures so far included support for 60 frames per second, but the Sony team is likely hard at work on a Director’s Cut of The Last of Us Part 2.

The first portion of the leak proved accurate since The Last of Us Part I was released to the public in September of this year.

Now, in January 2023, fans of the brand may watch the series of the same name on the HBO Max platform, and later they can play the updated TLOU Part 1 on PC, and in the future, they can get to know The Last of Us 2 Director’s Cut.

Curious users noted that the official materials showcasing the TLOU 2 update (accessible at this site) for PlayStation 5 were buried by the creators, fueling rumors regarding the delayed release of the 2020 game.

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The Last of Us Part II Director’s Cut
The Last of Us Part II Director’s Cut

A move like this can only mean one thing: Sony is gearing up to re-release The Last of Us 2. Most likely, TLOU 2 will launch on PS5 first (with graphic upgrades, and various features, including the usage of the DualSense controller), and then the creators will deliver the continuation of Ellie and Joel’s journey to PC.

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