Recent Riot Games Job Posting Confirms VALORANT Will Come to Xbox and Playstation

VALORANT Will Come to Xbox and Playstation: A Riot job listing from the last week appears to reveal that a Valorant port is under development for home consoles, which is unusual but not too startling. This post on Hitmarker is for a senior role as a Game Design Manager, Console with Riot Games in Bellevue, Washington.

Given that a mobile version of Valorant is still said to be in development, porting it to consoles is both a logical next step and a potentially perilous one. It’s probable that the concept of playing a shooter that relies so heavily on quick reflexes and precision shooting using a gamepad would spark heated debate.

This role appears to be as much about making Valorant stand out on consoles like Xbox and PlayStation as it is about porting the game to those platforms. Valorant’s port to consoles, which Riot is now working on, is an intriguing and possibly tough task for any game developer.

The following is a list of essential job functions:

  • Collaborate with team leaders to envision VALORANT on Consoles’ combat system.
  • Make sure your VALORANT design teams can provide results.
  • Try to foresee what the gamers of each platform will want and study the subtle variations between them.
  • Maintain a high standard of playability and on-time delivery for several ongoing projects.
  • Supervise the whole team’s designers and coach them individually
  • Regularly sway the opinions of upper management on matters of product strategy and development, as well as on matters pertaining to specific projects and tasks (such as events, etc.)
  • Establish productive working ties with other Riot teams in common work areas
  • Establishes reliable connections with leaders in many fields to increase productivity.
Recent Riot Games Job Posting Confirms VALORANT Will Come to Xbox and Playstation
Recent Riot Games Job Posting Confirms VALORANT Will Come to Xbox and Playstation

Job Requirements for Valorant on the Console Version of Riot

The following are some of the requirements for this high-level position:

Essential Requirements:

  • With 5+ years in the field, you’ve got what it takes to be a game designer: you’ve managed the design of numerous huge projects at once, and you’ve seen them all through through
  • At least one year of experience supervising or mentoring others, ideally with the goal of securing promotion for them or at least seeing significant improvements in their performance on the job.
  • Experience explaining and expressing complicated and nuanced ideas in 
  • simple ways Experience establishing systemic change to a design team’s process or principles to enhance output dramatically across the team
  • Competence in leading via dispute resolution and delivering constructive criticism

Skills and Experience:

  • Gained expertise as a developer in creating a first-person shooter game.
  • Adept with the fundamentals of tactical first-person-shooter play and able to successfully apply them
  • Excellent familiarity with the console first-person shooter industry and its players’ goals and habits.
  • Able to swiftly develop a variety of mechanical solutions, and to both detect and generate a particularly good one
  • Having prior experience programming for several platforms such as personal computers, mobile devices, and video game consoles is a huge plus.

Can Riot successfully make a console version of a hyper-skilled game while still maintaining a level playing field in competitive play? Overwatch, a rival first-person shooter, always battles with the question of whether to favor console gamers or to level the playing field. It’s possible that the console version of Valorant will be completely separate from the PC version, in the vein of Wild Rift.

Nonetheless, additional details will be released as the project progresses. Furthermore, PC gamers and those interested in Valorant, in general, would do well to frequent it.

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