Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology on Education. 

All of you know technology plays a very important role in education nowadays but do you know about its positive and negative impacts? We have written about the positive and negative impacts of technology on education. We all know that technology impacts both sides. If we use it properly then it is good for us, but if we misuse it then it’s bad for us. Technology is used in study to play games. It depends on you. Now we learn positive and negative impacts. 

Positive impacts of Technology on education. 

After covid-19 students also have an option to study with technology or you can say online classes and learning with the help of apps or videos. Now students are not fully dependent on books. They have more options. In technical education you only have to give an update. But for updating books you will have to change the whole book. In an app like Kahoot, you will do your homework in the app with the study game. Students can also enjoy this type of study. Technical education is done anywhere. It is not necessary to be present in the place where the teacher is guiding you. 

It is because of technology that you are able to give exams and complete their sessions  without going to school, colleges and university. The impact of technology on education is not limited only to students or teachers, the management of school has also been affected through record – keeping and distribution of information in school and outside. There are many reputed schools and universities that are offering distance learning courses to their students without making them visit campus and all this is possible because of the technical education revolution. 

Negative  impacts of Technology on education.

It is possible that students are involved in technology too much and they kill the creativity inside them. The student did not do physical work and they also did not give time to other works like Arts or physical education. Technology also distracts students from studying. Because students are also affected by social media and after that they did not concentrate on their study. 

Negative  impacts of Technology on education.
Negative  impacts of Technology on education.

Due to social media, your precious time can be wasted. It decreases the social skills of students. Students are starting to depend on technical things. For example, now students are not able to subtract or add the small questions, Now they are dependent on calculators. Sometimes you get wrong information from social media about your study related things. Technology also disconnects students from real world learning. 

If you book online classes for one month. You have to pay More money than the average school fee. Technology helps students in cheating. For example you are giving an exam and between that you minimize your app and ask questions to Google assistant. Technology has affected our writing skills. Nowadays we choose texting instead of writing. Technology decreases the physical and mental health of students who give maximum time to devices like laptops and smartphones. Due to technology students are avoiding games, which makes you mentally and physically fit. 

Effects of technology on the health of students.

We all know that all children or students enjoy playing games, But games are changing with time. In old times students loved to play outside games or indoor games like Chess. Nowadays the time has totally changed. Students love to play games on phones or PCs. The positive and negative impacts are given.

Negative  impacts of Technology on education.
Negative  impacts of Technology on education.

Positive impacts :

  • Students will use VR headset and play games in their home and also exercise will be done automatically.  
  • With the help of Technology you will increase your friends all over the world. 
  • Due to technology children are aware. 
  • Students have knowledge about what is good for their health in eating and drinking. 

Negative Impacts

  • Many people spend most of time on the screen of laptop or phone, which can be harmful for their eyes or brain.  
  • Students can also be depressed due to spending most of their time on screen, often it was for study. 
  • We didn’t do so much exercise or we did nothing that made us physically fit. This makes us fat. 
  • Students who use smartphones for playing games or listening to music. They use their Headphones and listen to louder music for enjoy it, But we didn’t think that it will harm our ears.  
  • Students use too much laptop. This is a reason that children have pain in the neck and beck.


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