Pearl Abyss’ Delay of DokeV

Pearl Abyss’ Delay of DokeV: was a fascinating video game even before it was officially announced. Initiated in 2023, this is a major release for Pearl Abyss that was delayed due to unexpected delays. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case anymore; the developer has announced it has delayed the game, causing it to miss its original 2023 release target.

Thankfully, that doesn’t mean the game is officially dead. You will still have the option to explore this new game environment and go on a Dokebi search if you so want. While this does imply that the wait time will be longer than originally expected, it should only be a little inconvenience.

It was during Pearl Abyss’s third quarter financial presentation when the company announced DokeV would be postponed. That’s disappointing to hear, but keep in mind that this is merely a setback.

The exact explanation for the delay appears to be based on another gaming project being developed by the firm at the same time. The focus of the team appears to have shifted to getting Crimson Desert out the door.

Once again, a major title from Pearl Abyss has been delayed. Fans of Crimson Desert will be happy to know that the postponement won’t cause the game to miss this year’s release window and will instead push it further into 2023.

DokeV is an upcoming action-adventure game with an open environment for those who are unfamiliar. DokeV takes place in a universe where animals called Dokebi are fueled by people’s dreams, however, we don’t currently have many details about the game itself. It is up to you to capture these animals, which can appear in a broad variety of shapes.

The objective of the game is to track down Dokebi, amass a collection of them, and then unleash them in combat to help the player out. Again, there are still certain DokeV details that haven’t been shared.

Pearl Abyss' Delay of DokeV
Pearl Abyss’ Delay of DokeV

Given that the development team has shifted its attention to bringing out their Crimson Desert game, we probably won’t hear much more about DokeV until much later in 2023.

Regardless, there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes at Pearl Abyss, since both games are currently in production. The studio’s origins may be traced back to 2014, which is worth noting if you haven’t heard of them before.

Black Desert was created by this South Korean firm. As time has passed, the firm has moved on to new projects, including the aforementioned video games. You may see a video we made about DokeV in the attached video player below.

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