How to Remove the Snapchat Pin for My AI and Why You Should

My AI, Snapchat’s new chatbot, is an intriguing feature, but users who don’t like it may simply hide it from their chats.

My AI, powered by ChatGPT, is capable of doing most of the same things as OpenAI’s chatbot, such as providing answers to trivia questions, recommending the best present for a birthday or anniversary, arranging a weekend hiking trip, and even cooking suggestions. In addition to naming the chatbot, users may also select a background image for use when chatting with the program.

Until Snapchat introduces a paid removal option for My AI, only Snapchat+ users will be able to disable it. Once available only to Snapchat+ subscribers, the AI chatbot is now accessible to everyone. Snap is intent on having as many people use My AI as possible before allowing users to remove it from their feed.

Many Snapchat users are unhappy that the chatbot can only be removed by subscribing to Snapchat+. There are a few different ways for Snapchat+ users to disable My AI if they become bored with it or feel it is unnecessary.

How Do I Remove My Chatbot’s Pin?

To begin, the Snapchat+ administration panel includes a toggle for the user to de-pin the chatbot from the chat stream. This won’t get rid of My AI altogether, but it will make sure it’s no longer at the top of the chat screen.

If you just want to use My AI infrequently and don’t want it to be a permanent fixture in your chat stream, this is the way to go.

If a user doesn’t want to use My AI at all, they can hide it from the conversation window. There are two approaches to this. First, you may access the Chat stream by swiping right from the camera screen.

To change the chat settings, go to the main page, press and hold the ‘My AI’ button, and then pick ‘Chat Settings’ from the drop-down menu. The last step is to go to the next page and choose “Clear from Chat Feed.” To disable the chatbot, click this button.

There’s also another approach you may use. Select the Bitmoji or Profile icon in the upper left corner of the camera screen, and then tap the gear icon in the upper right.

How to Remove the Snapchat Pin for My Ai and Why You Should
How to Remove the Snapchat Pin for My Ai and Why You Should


Select “Clear Data” from the “Privacy Controls” menu, and then “Clear Conversations” from the “Privacy Controls” menu on the next page. Finally, to uninstall the chatbot, select the conversation stream and click the ‘X’ next to the ‘My AI’ heading.

Uses for My Snapchat Bot’s Artificial Intelligence

My AI provides a convenient alternative to conducting a comprehensive online search for information; nevertheless, not everyone will find this to be useful. Removing the feature from the conversation stream is a nice choice for people who don’t like it because it reduces the amount of extra noise on the screen.

If you’re a Snapchat user and you’re not thrilled with the bot after your first discussion, keep in mind that the more you use My AI, the more personalized its responses will become, so it may be worth giving it a go for a few weeks before giving up on it completely.

Along with making My AI available to all of Snapchat’s users, the company also revealed several updates to the chatbot’s capabilities. The AI may be renamed and rebranded with a user-created Bitmoji.

They can also ask inquiries by tagging My AI in social conversations. You may also send photos to My AI and get a response in a conversation. Those with Snapchat+ may even send a Snap and have My AI reply with a Snap created by AI.


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