EV Fail: Rivian Electric Truck’s “Honeymoon Period” Ends in Snow

According to Business Insider, a recent incident involving a Rivian R1S owner has prompted the manufacturer to evaluate its customer support more closely and consider implementing adjustments to improve the user experience.

Chase Merrill, the R1S truck’s owner, ran into trouble when his electric Vehicle became immobilized due to a safety feature in the severe snow.

According to an interview he gave to Insider, Merrill describes his immediate elation upon receiving his R1S as follows: “I was in a honeymoon phase. It’s an incredible car, and it handles unlike anything I’ve ever driven.”

He used to like the truck, but that all changed when he became stranded in 2.5 feet of snow. Merrill made a proclamation about his anticipations, saying: “I had seen all the Rivian marketing campaigns with the cars just eating through the snow, so it was kind of like, man, this is disappointing.”

The safety mechanism kicked in when the Rivian truck got bogged in the snow. The car reported an emergency and needed to be towed to a repair shop.

Later, after contacting Rivian again, Merrill advised that a simple reset may have solved the issue, but he was not offered this solution initially.

It was necessary to put the car onto a flatbed truck and drive it to a servicing shop that was hundreds of miles away from the accident site.

While Merrill had just recently gotten control of the electric vehicle in the days leading up to the event, the $2,100 cost to transfer it was a slap in the face.

EV Fail Rivian Electric Truck's Honeymoon Period Ends in Snow
EV Fail Rivian Electric Truck’s Honeymoon Period Ends in Snow


Because of this occurrence, people are paying more attention to the trouble Rivian has been having keeping customers happy because of manufacturing, delivery, and support delays.

Early backers of the firm have already declared that they are no longer interested, and some have even made arrangements to purchase other electric vehicles.

The VP of Software Development at Rivian, Wassym Bensaid, confirmed the event to Insider, saying, “There was an unfortunate cascade of events and edge cases that led to this situation. But we take this feedback as a gift. It’s great input for us to improve the product.”

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