Ecoflow Features Three Off-grid Devices

As part of its expanding ecosystem of portable, battery-powered solutions for homes, off-grid cottages, and RVs, EcoFlow today introduced three new devices: a refrigerator/ice maker, an air conditioner/heater, and a robotic lawnmower/leaf collector.

Additionally, the business revealed new whole-house battery backup packages at the massive Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The EcoFlow Glacier has given me confidence in my abilities as a fledgling nomad and cocktail connoisseur. The solar-powered, portable fridge, freezer, and ice cube maker from EcoFlow are equipped with a replaceable 297Wh battery that can operate the appliance for up to 24 hours on a single charge.

The manufacturer claims that within 12 minutes, it can make precisely 18 ice cubes. While the cone-shaped cubes may not be the slowest melting “craft ice,” sometimes compromises must be made while living without access to municipal utilities. There will be an April release date for the EcoFlow Glacier.

The blade is EcoFlow’s robotic lawn mower; the company claims it will “revolutionize” the industry with features including the “world’s first lawn sweeper kit” for collecting clippings and grass clippings after mowing. It has the ability to recognize virtual limits, plot its own course while avoiding obstacles, and return to its charging dock on its own.

And in case it ever gets stolen, its 4G tracking capabilities will immediately notify its rightful owner. Also, as it can only be used with one specific ID, it’s useless if stolen. Blade, likewise, will be accessible throughout the month of April.

EcoFlow Features Three Off-grid Devices
EcoFlow Features Three Off-grid Devices

For those who live in a remote cabin or RV, the EcoFlow Wave 2 portable air conditioner, a follow-up to the original model released last year to considerable bemusement, is now a far more practical four-season investment thanks to the addition of a heater.

The unit has a replaceable battery that can be charged by the sun, an electrical outlet, or the cigarette lighter in your car, and it can last for up to eight hours of use. It has a cooling capacity of 5100 BTU and a heating capacity of 6100 BTU and weighs 14 kg. Time in May should see the release of Wave 2.

There is no word yet on when EcoFlow will provide full specifications, including price, dimensions, weight, and capabilities.

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