25% of Players Have Beaten God of War Ragnarok, Two Weeks After Release

God of War Ragnarok: There was a lot of competition in November, but many people were still looking forward to getting their hands on God of War: Ragnarok so they could find out how Kratos and Atreus’ adventure ended. But obtaining, playing, and ultimately succeeding in a video game are all qualitatively different experiences.

Since every gamer claims they will “beat the game” as soon as they buy it, it stands to reason that they won’t. It’s not always the case, though. Multiple variables might contribute to a player not completing a game, such as the sheer volume of material, the player’s limited free time, the game’s quality, and so on.

It’s been two weeks since God of War Ragnarok was released, therefore it’s time to find out how many people have managed to complete the game. It wasn’t an easy slog because the game featured a deep plot and many optional tasks and secrets to uncover.

However, the game’s awards reveal that the stat for earning the prize for finishing the main campaign is about 25%. That’s a really good percentage, considering only roughly a fourth of those who own the game manage to complete it.

Also, let’s not forget that the game was the fastest-selling PlayStation video game ever upon its first release, having moved 5.1 million copies in its first week. Indeed, this is a remarkable achievement, fit for a deity.

Based on such estimates, over a million players had completed the main campaign in under two weeks. That’s a huge feat, and I have no doubt that it, along with the title’s sales, will increase over time.

If you’re curious about how many players have unlocked every trophy in a given game, be assured that the number is rather small. Because just approximately 4 percent of runs have ever been completed in their entirety.

25% of Players Have Beaten God of War Ragnarok, Two Weeks After Release
25% of Players Have Beaten God of War Ragnarok, Two Weeks After the Release

It’s possible that people don’t care if they don’t have a perfect game. You can’t assume everyone is as meticulous as Jirard The Completionist. In addition, you’ll need to go back through the worlds to find the chests you skipped if you want to collect all the trophies. People might have been discouraged by a number of minor factors.

Many anticipate the game to be a huge winner at next month’s The Game Awards, despite the low sales number.

A lot of people are also curious about the franchise’s future. Speculation is fun even if the answer to that query is still a ways off.

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