Why the internet is bad for our society? ( true and rare information )

We all know the internet is important for our life, But it also has some bad effects on our society. In this article, we will talk about some main reasons why the internet is bad for our society. We will not talk about its advantage we just know about the bad side of the internet on society. Internet is used for any purpose.

The internet is one of the most important things in all of us Or you say the internet is the biggest part of the technology also. Because the internet is used by the whole world as every individual and regardless of their age. A lot of content is available on search engines.

Every person knows about the internet, from a child to an old man. Every generation uses the internet for different purposes. We also used the internet. It gives us information and it is good for us, you will find its advantage easily. But we did not think so much about the internet’s dark side of the internet.

interntet bad for society
interntet bad for society

It can have negative effects on many people’s lives. It is as bad as you did not think. In reality, it is a big problem in our society. It is necessary that people have to know about it. 

Top 6 disadvantages of the internet. 

Here we write the top 6 disadvantages of the internet. The bad side of the internet is written hare, which can’t be found easily.  

  1. Use of the internet to waste time : 

Many people can do work with the internet, But it is also a source of wasting time especially for students. In the starting, all people think that it is only used for work. Now, this thing is incorrect. Students can waste a lot of time on the internet. In all societies, youth and students are the most important part, Since internet play important role in student’s development. 

Children also use the internet to play online games or listen to music. Instead of that, some students use the phone only for study. On that day’s students are interested in playing online games and waste their precious time playing online games. Adult people also waste time seeing reels and other entertaining platforms. 

  1. Misusing the internet

A majority of people misuse the internet. Internet helps us in finding something like the answer to any question or in communication. Many people use the internet in incorrect ways. Many people share some necessary information through the internet or it is also used for keeping private information. Some people steal private information or documents which are necessary for the owner and then blackmail the owner. This type of thief is called a hacker in one word, But hackers are of many types. These types of hackers are called black hat hackers. This is one of the main reasons for harming our society. 

  1. Internet addiction

We also must acknowledge that addiction is one reason why the internet is bad for our society. Online games, youtube videos, and music that people get addicted to on the internet. Internet users are always busy using these additional things. People can be suffering from internet addiction Because when you use this additional software for a long time it converts into habits. They get distracted from their real work.  

top 6 disadvantage of internet
top 6 disadvantage of internet
  1. Health risk associated with the internet 

Our health is also negatively affected by the internet. Some people use the internet so much and they disconnect with society. They don’t do physical work due to using the internet and they lose their physical strength. After some time he suffers from sickness. They also affect mental strength. Which is the reason for depression among teenagers and some of them choose the option of suicide due to depression.  

  1. Online cheating or scam

Some students did not study through the internet, But they use the internet for cheating. It is the very incorrect use of the internet. Not only students do cheat in exams adults people can also do cheating. On social media, many relationships are fake. Many people make fake account to cheat peoples. Scam websites dominate the internet, scamming people to buy products and services from those sites. As result, In last they are cheated by anyone. 

  1. Misleading Internet information

The internet also has one more disadvantage of providing incorrect information. Any information was posted is not confirmed. People can share any information or link which they see but sometimes it is not true and links are harmful to our mobile. Because many people did not verify and share wrong information.


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