Why does Tumblr have a Post Limit?

Tumblr has a post limit due to its rules and regulation. Tumblr allows a maximum of 250 posts per day. Tumblr headquarters is located in New York so it works from midnight to midnight as New York time. In which Tumblr allows you maximum 100 text posts and 150 pictures. 

The limit made by Tumblr is for its users to not saturate (Over burned)  themselves. There is also a gift limit. The gift should be between 1 to 1.75 MB in size and not only gift tags will be searched maximally five from the dashboard. 

What is Tumblr limit and Why is it so popular? 

Tumblr is an app which is a popular social media app and it is very popular in America. That’s the reason nearly 47% of Tumblr users are American. Tumblr did not give information about how many users are active on tumblr. Many people use Tumblr with many thinks, They all want to take gain of this fabulous app. 

In October 2019 Tumblr had 480.1 million registered blogs While in February 2021 the number grew and reached 518.6 million. Its income is nearly 15.1 million dollars in revenue. The thing that makes it different from other social media platforms is giving freedom to the user to customize their own tumblelog ( it is a short blog ). 

What are the limits of tumblr ?

Tumblr limitation
Tumblr limitation

Tumblr gives us limit to stop using Tumblr. It is giving limits to users not just for saturation. There are also some more reasons for limitation. It also helps to reduce overloading on Tumblr. It also contributes to a smoother and more efficient Tumblr server function. If the website was too loaded, it would crash or be a technical problem. Some more limitation are given other than post limitation:

Tracking of tags : You can’t track more than 20 tags. Tags are words used to describe Blog post. They help in indexing and tracking the words we want to find. 

Post limitation : Tumblr allows 100 text posts maximally per day. You Can not text more than 100 text posts and not more than 150 picture posts. 

Asking limitations :Tumblr has also asked limitations. You can not ask more than 10 questions in 1 hour. It means you can only ask 240 questions in one day and each Question has less than 500nchracter.   

Tag limitation : Tumblr has one more tag limitation. You can not search more than 5 tags from the dashboard. 

Tumblr limit reset time 

Tumblr limitation
Tumblr limitation

Tumblr reset time is midnight to midnight of New work ( GWT+0 ). The limit of Tumblr is reset and gives you 250 posts , 10 Questions etc. If you want to save your post so’ you will have to save it in Draft. Tumblr reset time is from New York because Tumblr’s headquarter is in New York. 

Things you can do after Tumblr limit

You can like a post after 250 posts. You can also receive submission of posts. You can send and receive an ask or receive a response of an ask. But you can’t re blog a post. Because it counts in post and you will cross the post limit. You can’t add to the queue and can’t add to draft. You can’t submit or respond to an ask.

What happens if we cross the post limit?

You see the notification that you can’t post anything, not text post nor pictures. You can’t even add a post to a draft even if it does not come in post. You can not ask or reply to a question, not a private reply. You can like and see other posts. You can not post on account that cross limit. If your friend or your family member has any account, you have the option to use their account. You also have the option to make one more account if you cross the daily cross limit.

How to make an account on Tumblr ?

Step 1 : First you have to enter your Email and password then you enter your username.

Tumblr limitation
Tumblr limitation

Step 2 : Now you have to accept Privacy policy and then you have to click on “ I am not a robot “. 

Tumblr limitation
Tumblr limitation

Step 3 : You see that you go to Tumblr and you have to choose category options like- sports, technology and News.

Tumblr limitation
Tumblr limitation

Step 4 : Now your dashboard is ready with categories you want. It also verifies through sending messages to you on an Email account.

Tumblr limitation
Tumblr limitation

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