Which entrepreneur made tractors before entering the sports car business?

We all know that many companies have had the worst starting but now they are running a business of billions. Elon musk is one of the billion once a time he lost his home because his technical error came in his rocket and he lost his home and gave it to mortgage and started again the mission and he did not go to college he study only books. 

In this paragraph we will study about the entrepreneur who makes tractors before entering in the sports car business. That company is Lamborghini. It is an Italian company. You know that Lamborghini is one of the sports car companies which is very popular and successful. So, let us know what was Lamborghini’s past. 

Why Lamborghini Started Making a Sports car  ( its success story ).

In actuality Lamborghini is a surname . Lamborghini’s name comes from its founder whose name is also Ferruccio Lamborghini. Who was born on 28 April 1916. Lamborghini began with the agriculture tractor business after world war 2, know how? Ferruccio is very interested in mechanics study. After study he worked in the Italian air force as a mechanic at world war 2. After world war 2 he opened his own garage. He also modified his car. 

An idea came to mind. He purchased military engines and made a tractor. He registered a company with the name of lamborghini trattori. His idea works because people start farming for a growing economy. Of Course if people do farming there is also a high demand for tractors. Now ferruccio became a rich man due to his company lamborghini. After that ferruccio purchased a Ferrari 250 which is one of the most popular sports cars of that time. 

car models
car models

He realizes some problems in Ferrari. Instead of telling problems to other people or mechanics, he directly goes to meet ferrari founder( Enzo Ferrari )and give him advise to solving the problem. Enzo Ferrari did not like it and replied to ferruccio, you are just a farmer and you have no knowledge about sports cars. Ferrucio feels very bad inside and then makes the decision to start his own sports car company. Then he registered lamborghini automobiles in 1963. Ferrucio hired three old employees of ferrari. He started his auto factory in the town Sant Agata. 

In 1964 Lamborghini automobiles launched its first car “Lamborghini 350 GT. But lamborghini was not so popular at that time. It became popular in 1966 when the Lamborghini company launched “Lamborghini Maura”. It became popular due to its high performance and different technology from others. Now Lamborghini is one of the most popular cars in the world.

Why did Lamborghini not give an ad ?

Ferruccio thinks that a Lamborghini is a car with a very high cost. The person who wants to buy it. He does not waste his time in watching TV. So how could he see the ad? This company also believes that if you create an amazing product, people will naturally want to share it with others. Now many people think about who earns more Ferrari or Lamborghini. Lamborghini’s company sell car of 7.2 billion euro.  in 2018.  Did you think the person has time to see ad who want to buy this car. That’s the reasons Lamborghini and more expensive car companies did not give ad.

Who is more better ( Ferrari v/s Lamborghini )

car facilities
car facilities

Ferrari cars maximum speed is between 320 to 350 km per hour. Lamborghini cars maximum speed is between 355 to 360 km per hour. Ferrari’s most expensive car is the Ferrari 250 GTO. It will sell at 70.2 million dollars in 2018. Lamborghini’s most expensive car is 8.3 million dollars. The fastest car of Lamborghini is the Aventador SVJ roadster. 

In 2.9 seconds it catches the speed 0 to 62 mile per hour. Ferrari’s fastest car is the LaFerrari Aperta. It includes 0 to 60 mile per hour speeds fewer than 3 seconds. Lamborghini has 1800 employees. In ferrari 4200 employees work. The both company’s headquarters are in italy. In 2019 Lamborghini sold 8205 cars which generated 1.81 billion euro revenue. Ferrari sells 10,131 cars and they generate 3.767 billion euro. 

Ferrari’s maximum power car is the Ferrari FF. Which is 570 hp ( horse power ). Lamborghini’s maximum power car is the Lamborghini Avendator. It gives 700 hp. Lamborghini car’s take very less maintenance then Ferrari cars. Ferrari has more models than Lamborghini but, Lamborghini has more road cars than ferrari. Now you have to choose which car is better and also comment on us.


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