Warzone 2 of Call of Duty Takes Away Two Maajor Field Upgrades

The team behind Call of Duty: Warzone 2, Raven Software, has verified it has turned off two key field enhancements. In Call of Duty: Warzone 2, your weaponry is literally the difference between life and death. The odds of survival are slim if your weapon isn’t up to snuff.

You may be slowed down or put at risk if you don’t have the proper advantages. In sports, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, air strikes, and cluster strikes may all swing the game in your favor.

The result of all this is that many individuals have spent a great deal of time attempting to construct the ideal loadout and identify the most effective pieces of equipment.

Dead Silence, a field enhancement that muffles your footsteps briefly, is one of the most important. The sound of approaching feet is crucial in Warzone 2 to determine your location and safety. With Dead Silence, you can approach or flank an opponent without their noticing.

It may be decisive in many situations and carries a great deal of weight. However, it appears that both Dead Silence and another field enhancement, Battle Rage, have issues. Raven Software has verified that it has deactivated the two field upgrades as it looks into a problem with them.

Warzone 2 of Call of Duty Takes Away Two Major Field Upgrades
Warzone 2 of Call of Duty Takes Away Two Major Field Upgrades

If you rely on Dead Silence to sneak about the map, you may be at a disadvantage this weekend depending on how long it takes to fix this mystery.

In Call of Duty, this isn’t an extremely rare occurrence. Every day, content is deleted, nerfed, boosted, or otherwise altered, so players are accustomed to needing to quickly adjust to new circumstances.

Since Dead Silence is so powerful, players may wonder if it is being nerfed or if there is a problem or exploit associated with it that necessitated its removal. There’s no need for diehards to suffer too long, though; the ban is just temporary.

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