The world’s first “robot lawyer”

The world’s first “robot lawyer” is set to make its debut in a court of law next month. The robot lawyer, known as ROSS, will be representing a defendant in a traffic ticket case.

This marks a major milestone in the growing field of artificial intelligence and its ability to help with legal matters.

ROSS is the product of IBM Watson, a cognitive computing system developed by IBM. The robotic lawyer is powered by IBM Watson’s natural language technology, allowing it to understand and respond to legal questions posed by its human counterpart.

In the case of the traffic ticket, ROSS will be able to locate relevant legal precedents and compare the facts of the case to similar ones. It will then be able to provide legal advice and guidance to the defendant.

This is not the first time ROSS has been used in a legal context. Since its launch in 2016, ROSS has been used by legal professionals to answer questions about bankruptcy laws, patent law, and tax law. This marks the first time, however, that ROSS is being used to represent an actual client in a court of law.

The use of ROSS in the courtroom has raised some eyebrows, particularly among those who are worried about the potential for robots to replace human lawyers. Legal experts, however, are quick to point out that ROSS is not meant to replace lawyers, but to enhance their work.

The world's first “robot lawyer
The world’s first “robot lawyer

By doing the tedious and repetitive research associated with legal cases, ROSS will free up lawyers to focus on more complex legal matters.

It remains to be seen whether ROSS will be successful in the courtroom. If it is, it could open the door for the widespread use of artificial intelligence in the legal system. In any case, the world’s first robot lawyer is set to make its debut next month, and it certainly promises to be an interesting case to watch.

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