The Three Charging Habits That Technology Experts Say Are Destroying Your iphone

You wouldn’t expect to have to give any conscious thought to something as mundane as charging your phone, would you? Simply plugging in your phone, letting the charger do its thing, and returning to discover a fully charged, more effective gadget that can last for hours without needing to be recharged is the ideal situation. It’s not always the case, though.

A few good technological practices may go a long way toward ensuring that your phone always functions at peak efficiency. Perhaps this entails upgrading from a generic iPhone charger to one that has been certified by Apple, as well as upgrading the wire that connects your iPhone to the charger using lighting technology.

Did you realize, however, that the charging time is just as crucial as the accessories you use? Co-owner of Keyboard Kings and authority on all things Apple, Aimee White, lists three ways in which you may be damaging your iPhone as it charges.

Leaving Your Phone to Charge Overnight

Definitely, having the option to charge your phone while you sleep is a huge time saver. White, however, adds that this is one of the most common examples of bad billing behavior she has seen in her circle of acquaintances. According to White, “it might be tough to find the time to stop and charge your phone” because of everyone’s hectic schedules.

Overnight, when we know we won’t be using our phones and won’t be traveling anywhere, is the perfect time to charge them. The moment you open your eyes, you’ll see it! The battery life of the phone has been extended to an entire day.

Absolutely safe, right? To which White responds, “You are very probably overcharging your phone if you charge it overnight.” If this happens seldom, it probably won’t have much of an impact on your phone’s battery life, but if you do it frequently, you’ll wind up substantially deteriorating your phone’s battery life. So, while charging overnight may seem like a good idea, you should attempt to limit it whenever you can.

The Three Charging Habits That Technology Experts Say Are Destroying Your iphone
The Three Charging Habits That Technology Experts Say Are Destroying Your iPhone

You May Charge Your Phone While It is in the Case

Having a cover for your iPhone is crucial since it may prevent damage from drops and scrapes. In spite of its usefulness, it should be taken off before the phone is charged. I think most iPhone owners are guilty of this lesser-known ‘poor charging behavior,’ as outlined by White: charging the phone while it is in a case.

The temperature of a phone rises dramatically while it is charging, and the case ‘locks in’ this additional heat. Overheating causes wear and tear on the battery and might shorten its lifespan.

Keeping Watch Till There is No Charge Left on Your Phone

“The last error that I’m sure we’re all aware of, but do regardless, is letting the battery get down to single-digit percentages,” White explains. To paraphrase Apple’s warning that “when your phone’s battery life drops below 15%, you’ll get a prompt to ‘connect the charger,'” “If you know the slightest thing about batteries,

you’ll realize that letting them run down to empty or almost empty will diminish their life over time. If you want your iPhone’s battery to last longer, you should get in the habit of charging it as soon as possible whenever it reaches a low percentage.

Better charging habits for your iPhone can only be achieved with precise timing.


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