The Florida Senate Wants Disney Contracts to Be Thrown Out

Despite a lawsuit from Disney identifying Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his hand-selected Board members of the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD), the wheels of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ machine to retaliate against Disney continue to move.

This is the case despite the fact that Disney named DeSantis and his hand-selected Board members. The Florida Senate voted to approve Senate law 1604 shortly before 7 o’clock last night.

This is a land use law that incorporates a carefully crafted amendment that would make it possible to overturn a crucial Development Agreement that was made between Disney World and the District.

The Development Agreement that is the focus of Senate Bill 1604 is the same Development Agreement that was deemed null and unlawful by DeSantis’s CFTOD Board of Supervisors yesterday morning. D

Disney initiated legal action against DeSantis and the members of the Board of Directors within minutes after the contract was pronounced null and illegal.

Following that, the legislation will be brought before the Florida House of Representatives, where it is anticipated that Republicans will continue to do as DeSantis directs and vote in favor of passing the bill.

Because of the Development Agreement, Walt Disney World has the last say over how much of Reedy Creek’s land will be developed over the course of the following ten years and where that development should take place.

The Florida Senate Wants Disney Contracts to Be Thrown Out
The Florida Senate Wants Disney Contracts to Be Thrown Out


CFTOD maintains a significant portion of its limited government powers, including the ability to charge taxes, construct and maintain highways, use eminent domain, and other functions, despite the fact that Disney has the ability to develop a property.

On the other side, neither DeSantis nor the board members he had personally picked are pleased with the fact that they do not have property development rights.

On CFTOD land, DeSantis has even proposed the notion of constructing a jail or other amusement parks as a possible use for the area.

While the CFTOD and the Florida Legislature are taking steps to try to nullify the contracts that Disney World has with the District, Disney is continuing its legal battle against these entities.

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