Season 1 Reloaded Nerfs Warzone 2’s Bomb Drone

Season 1 Reloaded Nerfs Warzone 2’s Bomb Drone: In less than an hour, we will see the release of Call of Duty: Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded, which will include a number of adjustments and improvements to the game, including patches for existing bugs, additions to the game, and tweaks to the overall balance of the game.

In Warzone 2, the Bomb Drone is a Killstreak that may be found as ground loot and then flown to an adversary, where the player can then manually explode the C4 charge attached to the drone. Players are complaining that this addition is too strong. It may remove players from a great distance without providing any audible warnings. When the next update goes live, everything will be different.

In preparation for the impending mid-season update, the creators of Warzone 2 have posted the patch notes. The update is currently available for pre-loading on PlayStation consoles, and it will be made available for all other platforms at 10 a.m. PT on the same day.

Many Warzone 2 players find the Bomb Drone Killstreak’s ability to wipe out an entire team of four camped inside a building unfair, especially because the only effective alternative to it is a field improvement called DDOS, which disables enemy equipment.

After the patch, players on the perimeter of an explosion who are wearing all three armor plates will take critical damage rather than being instantly killed.

This tweak may appear inconsequential, but it really provides players more opportunity to engage the Bomb Drone with gunfire rather than having to run away from it first. The odds of survival and plating up prior to the enemy arriving at the doorstep will be increased, even if they are hit by the Bomb Drone.

Season 1 Reloaded Nerfs Warzone 2's Bomb Drone
Season 1 Reloaded Nerfs Warzone 2’s Bomb Drone

The devs have made another change that improves the Bomb Drone’s sounds. The Reloaded update’s patch notes read as follows:

“Fixed an issue that prevented players from hearing Bomb Drone audio (beeps) at intended distances.”

By doing so, players won’t have to waste time guessing where the Bomb Drone is hiding, and they’ll be better prepared for any potential attacks. Obviously, this gives them a higher chance of destroying it.

Warzone 2 has received several updates that address a problem where players might fail to complete a Contract after killing the Black Site Person of Interest with a Vehicle, Killstreak, or Bomb Drone.

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