Roku’s New Line of Smart Home Devices

Roku has announced a new range of smart home gadgets developed in partnership with Wyze, marking a significant expansion into new territory.

The business appears to have simply rebranded Wyze devices as Roku, at least at first glance. The hardware is identical, but each player will run Roku’s own software. There will be a number of devices(opens in new tab) with similar pricing to Wyze’s, as well as a subscription service that will provide access to additional functions and a mobile app to manage it all. There are three basic types of gadgets: cameras, lamps, and electrical outlets.

Most of these products already support Google Assistant, and Alexa integration is scheduled to go out in early November. You can pre-order all but two right now from the Roku webshop. The majority of the cameras will be shipped out on October 17, and the lights and plugs will be shipped out on October 26.

As of this writing, there are no plans to expand Roku’s Smart Home line outside of the United States.

The Smart Home Product Range

Every one of the brand-new Roku cameras has the capability to record in full 1080p HD, see in color at night, and pick up on both sound and motion. The Roku TV or Player may display a live stream from the camera. All gadgets furthermore allow for simultaneous two-way audio communication.

The various cameras differ in accordance with the tasks they are designed to do. The Indoor Camera SE ($26.99)(opens in new tab) is the entry-level device that performs all of the aforementioned functions. You can also get the Indoor Camera 360° SE ($39.99)(opens in new tab), which has auto-motion tracking and a significantly larger field of view.

All of our outdoor furniture is built to withstand the elements. To see who is knocking at your door, you may get a wired Video Doorbell & Chime SE for $79.99(opens in a new tab). In December, you’ll be able to use the wifi option.

Roku's New Line of Smart Home Devices
Roku’s New Line of Smart Home Devices

The Floodlight Camera SE (opens in a new tab, $99.99) will include, as the name indicates, two powerful LED floodlights on either side of the lens. However, no release date was mentioned.

Roku’s new Smart Home Subscription(opens in new tab) service ($39.99 yearly) only improves the quality of the cameras. It gives the cameras enhanced detection capabilities such as the ability to zero in on particular targets like persons and parcels, as well as cloud storage for up to two weeks’ worth of footage. The free version retains the paid features of motion and sound detection but only stores static photographs.

Both light bulbs and light strips are available as options for illumination. The “smart” aspect comes from the fact that you can adjust the hue and intensity of the lights using the Roku Smart Home app. One product that does this is the Smart Light Strip SE (beginning at $22.99)(opens in new tab), which uses the microphone on a smartphone to sync up to music.

The wall plugs now come in both weather-resistant indoor and outdoor varieties. Using the Smart Home app, you can remotely power down appliances or set up custom schedules for them, making it easier to avoid leaving them on when you leave the house. The outdoor version is built to withstand the elements.

Relaxation and Assurance of Safety

After learning about Wyze’s involvement, some of you may feel uneasy about the safety of Roku’s Smart Home products.

There have been a number of security-related concerns involving the corporation. The major one occurred in 2019(opens in new tab) and involved a data breach that exposed the personal information of 2.4 million customers.

Furthermore, Wyze was in the spotlight earlier this year after concerns surfaced that unauthorized third parties may have gained access to user material. Obviously, some individuals may still be wary to put their faith in Wyze, and it seems like Roku was cognizant of this possibility.

According to an interview with Roku CEO Anthony Wood published by Fast Company(opens in new tab), Roku will be in charge of the security measures, including the implementation of “two-factor authentication and [data] encryption.” The cloud services, however, will still be managed by Wyze.

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