Problems With Text Message Reception Have Been Reported on Certain Galaxy S22 Phones

Among the greatest smartphones now on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S22 stands out because of its premium hardware and consistent software upgrades. Customers in the United States have complained that their Galaxy S22 devices are frequently failing to receive SMS messages after receiving the September update. Unfortunately, not all software is flawless.

Reddit users and others participating in the Samsung Community forums (via PiunikaWeb) have complained that they have to wait hours for text messages on their Galaxy S22, S22+, or S22 Ultra. However, the problem goes away briefly once they restart their phones. We have heard reports of people trying to clean the device’s cache, reset the network settings, or switch to aeroplane mode without success.

Unfortunately, this annoying problem rears its ugly head several times daily, and you usually only become aware of it when a text you were anticipating fails to arrive. Therefore, many S22 owners are having to reset their phones multiple times a day to prevent losing SMS. Of course, if the phone reboots and those do come through, you’ll be inundated with unread texts all at once, forcing you to sift through the clutter in order to find the one you were waiting for.

The majority of those affected are Verizon customers who installed the September update, although the problem has also been reported by certain T-Mobile and AT&T customers. Only a small number of S21 owners have also had this issue. The extent to which this is a carrier issue, a Samsung software fault, or both cannot be determined at this time.

Problems With Text Message Reception Have Been Reported on Certain Galaxy S22 Phones
Problems With Text Message Reception Have Been Reported on Certain Galaxy S22 Phones

Even though it may seem unimportant, you absolutely must be able to receive text messages in order to get things like one-time passwords, updates on the status of your shipment, official government notifications, and confirmations of your very important lunch order.

We have faith that the issue will be fixed soon because Samsung has been quite timely and consistent with firmware upgrades in prior years. We have contacted Samsung for feedback and will revise this page accordingly. Until a solution is released, you might use a service like Google Assistant or Tasker to set up a reminder to force a reboot of your device at regular intervals.

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