Pokemon GO Mythical Wishes Trailer Teases Season 9

Pokemon GO Mythical Wishes Trailer Teases Season 9: Since the closing events of the Season of Light are presently taking place in Pokemon GO, trainers should start thinking about what the early winter months have in store for them.

Beginning on December 1, 2022, the ninth season of the smartphone augmented reality game will launch with enough content to keep players occupied during the chilly winter months of December, January, and February.

However, a new teaser has been released that gives gamers a tonne of indications about what to anticipate during the Season of Mythical Wishes, even if the official details haven’t been revealed yet.

Plenty of Pokemon from the Hoenn area makes an appearance in this brief teaser, which concludes with a really intriguing Legendary teaser for Pokemon GO Tour 2023.

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During the Season of Mythical Wishes, there will apparently be a special feature in place wherein players may choose from a number of various Timed Research Tasks to actively shape the course of their own destiny and bring their dreams to fruition.

What do you wish for, Trainer? During three different events over the course of the Season, Trainers can make their wishes come true by selecting a bonus from three different Timed Research tasks… The bonus will be in addition to existing event bonuses. Trainers can pick from one of the following options.

Pokemon GO Mythical Wishes Trailer Teases Season 9
Pokemon GO Mythical Wishes Trailer Teases Season 9

Obviously, more information will be forthcoming, but we do have four things to look forward to thus far:

  • Making a Wish on a Mythical Object:
  • After the New Year, It’s the Holidays Again!
  • Celebrate the New Year in the Lunar Calendar
  • Saint Valentine’s Day

These four events are merely the tip of the iceberg, and based on previous seasons, gamers can expect a lot more to be announced shortly. As additional details regarding the Season of Mythical Wishes are disclosed, the full list of seasonal special spawns and continuing perks will likely be unveiled in the following days.

Starting immediately, fans can start preparing for the game and rewatching the brief hype video many times to make sure they notice every Pokemon appearance and clue that shows up throughout the film.

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