Most Significant Microsoft Announcements at Build 2023

The annual Microsoft Build conference is a major annual gathering for programmers. Microsoft utilizes Build, its developer conference, to introduce new features for its platforms, host in-depth sessions for developers and other professionals who use its tools and compare and contrast with Google I/O and Apple’s WWDC.

Typically, Microsoft’s software and service announcements take center stage during Build. Several of Microsoft’s announcements at Build 2023 revolved around the current buzzwords of “A” (for “Automation”) and “I” (for “Artificial Intelligence).

It discussed how its flagship AI technologies, ChatGPT and Copilot, are being incorporated into and used by its products. How they plan to further integrate AI into all of their products and services. The event was opened by a keynote address from Microsoft CEO Sataya Nadella. The most significant news from Microsoft’s Build 2023 includes:

Windows 11 Will Include Something Called an AI Copilot

Windows 11 will soon be able to take advantage of Microsoft’s artificial intelligence-based personal assistant, known as Copilot. This is the same helper that Microsoft already incorporates into its Edge browser, Office programs, and GitHub platform. The Windows Copilot app will be located in the taskbar of your computer.

When users click on it, the Copilot sidebar pops up. Here, they can ask it to rewrite or clarify a given paragraph in any of the apps that they are now using, among other things.

Microsoft has announced that it plans to begin public testing of the function the following month, after which it will be made available to a wider audience of consumers.

New Features in Windows 11 for ARM  Devices

In early June, Unity Player will launch as a stable option on Windows on Arm. This allows the middleware engine to be used by developers on Windows on Arm devices, giving them access to native performance for both existing and future games.

In addition, Visual Studio 17.6 will have support for Multi-platform App UI by default. Hopefully, these enhancements will encourage more programmers to start working on Windows 11 on ARM, leading to a more robust user experience.

Plug-in Functionality Has Been Added to Microsoft 365 Copilot

The artificial intelligence assistant offered by Microsoft, known as 365 Copilot, will now offer support for three primary categories of plug-ins. These include add-ons for the Teams messaging system, connectors for the Power Platform, and solutions that make use of technologies from ChatGPT.

Users will also have access to dozens of plug-ins developed by other parties, which they can select from. Additionally, the business declared that it plans to construct all of its Copilot and Bing Chat plug-ins using the same standard that OpenAI employs for ChatGPT.

Most Significant Microsoft Announcements at Build 2023
Most Significant Microsoft Announcements at Build 2023

Integration With 365 Copilot is Coming to the Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft is bringing its 365 Copilot app to the Edge browser. The application, which will be housed in the browser’s sidebar, will enable users to work more efficiently on projects utilizing Microsoft 365 programs by making use of the content on the website that they are currently reading.

These applications include Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel, amongst others. This includes composing an email, adding data to a spreadsheet, generating status updates based on chat threads, and other similar activities.

Bing Has Replaced Google as the Primary Search Provider for ChatGPT

Bing has been set as the default search engine for Microsoft’s ChatGPT chatbot recently. Those who have subscribed to ChatGPT Plus can already make use of the integration with ChatGPT. A plugin that adds Bing to ChatGPT would make it possible for free users to access functionalities of a similar nature.

An AI Update is Available for Windows Terminal

GitHub Copilot has been integrated into Windows Terminal, which will result in the addition of an AI-powered chatbot. It is now possible for developers who use GitHub Copilot to use the chatbot right within the Terminal to do a variety of activities, receive code recommendations, and explain issues.

In addition, Microsoft stated that it is investigating the possibility of integrating GitHub Copilot into other development tools such as WinDBG.


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