Most Expensive Gaming PC in the World

All of us know that many live streamers and gamers play games on pc (desktop) . But you know which gaming PC is most expensive in this world and what its price was. Gaming pc is very popular in today’s time. Because all big gamers play on their own gaming pc. They upload videos which are of good quality. Gaming pc is made for games so they have no issue in playing games and you have good controls in Pc. 

8 Pack Orion X – High End gaming and most expensive.

The most expensive Gaming PC in the world is the Orion X of 8 pack series. It is approximately between 41.5 to 43 thousand dollars. It is only made for gaming. It is very comfortable for gaming. It contains all gaming workloads easily. It is a power house in itself. Its graphics display is excellent and any game did not lag. It has two systems in one case, both are extremely powerful and capable for all games which you want to play. Both primary and secondary systems are given below. 

  1. Primary system :

Its CPU(control processing unit) has Intel Core i9-10980 XE 4.6GHz (overclocked). It’s GPU (graphics process units) has 2x Nvidia RTX Titan which is 24 GB. Its RAM (random process unit) is 128 GB and its storage is Dual 2TB SSD + 14TB HDD. This hardware system is made for managing games related files.

Most Expensive PC
Most Expensive PC
  1. Secondary system : 

Its CPU has Intel Core i7-10700K 5.0GHz (overclocked). Its GPU has an Nvidia RTX Titan which is 24 GB. Its RAM is 32 GB and its storage has Dual 2TB SSD in RAID 0 + 14TB HDD. This hardware system is made for managing other work files. It means if you want to do other work in this, you can do it easily and you can download all files you want. 

8 Pack Orion X Specification.

It has 18 core, 36 thread in primary and 8 core, 16 thread CPU in secondary. It has exceptional water cooling in both CPU and also in primary GPU. Its total gaming memory is 48 GB, Instead of this a normal portable PC has only 8 GB memory. It has the best game experience than any other device. It did not lag anytime. Its storage is best. You can use this gaming PC for 10 to 15 years easily. It can not lag one time. You can download all the games which you want to play. There is no storage problem. It has two pieces of hardware, one is only for gaming and other is for your other works. 

Why gaming PCs are better than smartphones in playing games ?

Gaming PCs have better graphics than smartphones. Mobile phones have finger limitation, Many people play with two fingers and four fingers. But in reality you can not use four fingers at a time on a mobile. Instead of this you can click four to six buttons easily and your gameplay will also be seen faster than smart phones. Smartphones start being hot after playing for approximately two hours. 

Most Expensive PC
Most Expensive PC

But you can play many hours on Gaming PC. Because they did not get too hot anytime. We all know that most mobile players play games through Wi-Fi and there is also a ping problem but if you connect your Wi-Fi wire, the player has no ping problem. Which is possible only through the PC. Smart phones also have some problems with storage. Mobile phones do not have so many good quality games. In Pc you will find maximum games of good quality. 

Why Gaming Pc have so many fans ? 

For Playing games The main thing is CPU and GPU. When we play games. They start to become hot. If they cross their hotness limit. Firstly they are of big size and a fan is also available on the upper side of the CPU. GPU comes in graphics cards which contain two or three fans. They are in a cabinet which also contains fans. Now you think did Phones have not CPU and GPU. Is that the reason for the heating ? But this is wrong. Smartphones also have CPU and GPU, But their size is too small and they also have no fans or open space to clear their heat So they become hot Quickly. That it also a reason Pc player is popular in whole world and maximum big player of games play in PC.


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