Micron is Investing $100 Billion to Build Microchips

Micron is Investing $100 Billion to Build Microchips: In the United States, Taiwan’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is planning to construct a second chip facility (US).

Implementing the strategy with the White House’s help will boost the company’s investment in the state from $12 billion to Rp187 trillion to US$40 billion, or Rp625 trillion.

In addition, this lessens America’s reliance on foreign suppliers, as it frequently must import semiconductors. If this scenario plays out, TSMC’s two plants would produce a total of 600,000 wafers annually.

“When these two (factories) are finished, they will be able to produce enough chips to supply all of the demand in the United States. This is what we mean when we talk about a resilient supply chain. We can produce all of the necessary chips independently, “Chatterji, US National Economic Council, said global CNBC.

In 2026, the second factory will turn out chips with a resolution of 3 nm. This expansion represents one of the greatest FDIs in the history of Arizona and the United States.

All sorts of different things, from vehicles to microwaves to medical equipment, require semiconductor chips. With lockdowns resulting in a global scarcity of high-tech chips, the COVID-19 epidemic has brought home how dependent the United States is on Chinese manufacturers.

TSMC has lately increased efforts at its first plant to produce at 4nm rather than 5nm. It is expected that Apple and NVIDIA would be the first clients for the chips manufactured there beginning in 2019.

In order to establish a semiconductor manufacturing facility in Syracuse, Micron is allocating a massive $100 billion.

Intel is also planning to establish a similar facility in Columbus, Ohio, and is spending $20 billion to do it.

The Poughkeepsie facility will get $20 billion in funding from IBM.

Micron is Investing $100 Billion to Build Microchips
Micron is Investing $100 Billion to Build Microchips

While this was going on, Vice President Joe Biden traveled to the site of the first TSMC plant on December 6 to announce that the CHIPS and Science Act had provided $52.7 billion in loans and other incentives, in addition to billions of tax credits, to promote investment in the semiconductor manufacturing sector. The US.

The legislation’s stated goal is to boost private funding for American chip production. On the same day that Engadget goes live on the web, December 7th, the European Union and the United States will launch a transparency mechanism regarding government aid to the chip industry.

So, no one will try to stifle competition by smothering the price of semiconductors out of the blue.

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