KEF’s Mu7 Wireless Headphones

KEF, a company that specializes in audio from the United Kingdom, has introduced a new set of headphones that block out ambient noise. The Mu7 wireless over-ear headphones are now available to purchase and can be found on the KEF website (opens in a new tab), where they are priced at $399, £349, and AU$613, respectively.

They are priced to compete directly with the likes of the top noise-canceling headphones now available on the market, including popular models such as the Sony WH-1000XM5, Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones 700, and Bowers & Wilkins Px7 S2 headphones.

Both the Mu3 true wireless earbuds and the Mu7 over-ear headphones are the result of a partnership between KEF and Welsh artist and industrial designer Ross Lovegrove. Lovegrove is also responsible for the celebrated sculpted design of the KEF Muon loudspeakers, which may be viewed in a new tab.

According to the promotional materials, the headphones have been intended to have a shape that is both elegant and lightweight. They are also stated to create a tight acoustic seal while placing minimum strain on the ears.

Memory foam earpads are believed to help mold the earcups and headband to the contour of the listener’s head, and a swivel point above the earcups enables the headphones to be rotated and flattened for transport. Memory foam earpads are a great addition to any pair of headphones. A travel case is included with your purchase.

KEF Mu7: Features and specifications

Users are able to accept calls, skip music, and control the volume using a sequence of taps and swipes on the capacitive touchpad located on the right ear cup of the headphones. According to KEF, a rapid charge of 15 minutes will provide 8 hours of usage, while a full charge runs to 40 hours; however, it does not specify whether or not that is with ANC activated.

KEF Mu7 Features and specifications
KEF Mu7 Features and specifications

In reference to ANC, the Mu7 utilizes cutting-edge smart active noise cancellation technology in conjunction with microphones that have been positioned in such a way as to eliminate environmental noise before it reaches the ears of the listener. Each earcup has a full-range dynamic driver measuring 40 millimeters in diameter.

You may plug the headphones into your playback source through a 3.5mm audio connector for uncompressed high-resolution playback from compatible players or specialist headphone DAC/amplifiers. Wireless codec support goes up to aptX HD over Bluetooth 5.1 connections.

The Mu7 headphones are now available from KEF in your choice of silver grey or charcoal grey, and they can be purchased straight from the company (opens in new tab). Be on the lookout for a comprehensive review coming very soon.

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