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Kahoot (App gives knowledge with playing educational games)



How does the Kahoot app give education? 

Kahoot app gives education in a different way. Other apps only give classes for study but this app gives quizzes and more modes also. It is divide in many type :

It has many parts. One of them is “Quiz”, the other is “true or false” and then “puzzle” comes. It obviously increased our knowledge and any child did not want to uninstall this app because it’s very interesting. 

You can collect opinion by word cloud and you will also get opinion with a poll. That is a very helpful thing and all people want this.

You can own the option to choose mode that are Flash cards. You also have the practice mode to practice yourself. You can test yourself. You also have the option to study with friends. That’s also like a game which is very interesting for users or students.

You can challenge anyone or anyone can challenge you and in this app will also create a league for making students more knowledgeable.

We say that it is like a game, one more example is creating a leaderboard which makes you more impatient to crash the record which was made in the past. It was the game changer in study of 21st century study. 

What is Kahoot’s price ?

After listening to its benefits you think that it is a very high cost app. But it has no price. It is free of cost. After seeing that it is free of cost you want to download this app. Obviously because it is the best app for study.

What is grade and age range ?


First thing we think is that it has some special needs, But it is not true. All of us can use this app. Which student’s age is between 5 to 18 years. When Kahoot’s teacher complete their lecture or class room activity.

We know teachers give homework. The thing that makes this app special is its homework gives in the app as a game the special mode in the app that is ghost mode. The teacher gives homework that is also done in this mode. In this mode you also replay this game. All students use which is between Kg to 12.

What makes this app so unique ?

The first thing that makes it unique is giving  homework in an app and also students love it very much and its many modes. The challenges make this app more unique. 

Because the students have no patience to disagree with the challenges. The teacher also enjoys giving quizzes to students. They also give good study for students. You can also join live games. You just have to enter the game pin that was given.  

What instructional design principles did Kahoot work ?

Kahoot Makes a positive learning environment for students. Before covid-19 most people thought that study is done only by book and children think that study is very boring. But Kahoot changed this and worked to make an app in which not only study was done, But also students did homework in it and they did. 

You have the facility to talk with your classmates. This will make your thinking critical and you start to question designing and you will be creative. You see that you are taking interest in study is growing.Your presentation skill should also develop. Teacher guides the entire class with games and students take it seriously because they want to win the games.  

What is Kahoot’s strategy ?


It is an app which is a learning game platform. As I mentioned, 5 to 18 years students used this. They all are children and they love games instead of study so they want to make their app popular so they make an app which is a mixture of Game and study app. This special thinking makes apps very popular among children. Children enjoy the app and parents also refer them to this app and allow children to use this app. They want to make from this guidance that children and parents will all be allowed to use this app. You see that many parents did not allow their children to play games on smartphones.


Kahoot is the best app for students. It will also increase students’ interest in study and it is safe for children. It also changed people’s opinion that phones are just used for playing games.


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