How to Unlock a Sprint Phone Without an Account? And Its Requirements

We all know that phones are very necessary for us. It makes our life easy. Sometimes our phones sprint with a network and did not connect to another network. We have to unlock the sprint network to use other networks. Here we write about unlocking sprinting networks. If we didn’t unlock the sprinting of phones for using the sim card during traveling to another country. After unlocking you will switch carriers and it is easier to sell. 

#Method 1

How to unlock the sprint and its requirements.

The requirements are given below but you have to pay some money.

  • The phone must be active for a minimum of 50 days on the sprint network. 
  • Your account must be good in standing.
  • Phones can’t be reported in the as like stealing.
  • The phone must be paid off. 

You will need to complete the “end of lease ( sprint flex lease ) purchase” option to unlock your phone.

Helping numbers in this situation.

If your phone is not unlocking you will have to call in sprinting customer support. Its number is 888-211-4727. If you are a forward customer you have to dial this number 855-639-4644. If you are in the military, you can unlock your phone and your other device also very easily. Military sprint customer support number is here. It is 888-266-7212 or you can visit Call on the numbers are given upon if your phone did not unlock after the paid requirement. 

#Method 2

How to unlock the phone from sprinting?

The method which is written below is recommended by the phone manufacturers and network providers. 

Unlocking from sprinting
Unlocking from

Step 1 :

Firstly you have to know your phone IMEI number. For that, you have to open the phone application and then dial *#06#. Your IMEI number is open.

Step 2 : 

Now we have to insert an unsupported sim. Switched it off. In that case, you have to insert any sim from any GSM header. After inserting it, switched on the phone. 

Step 3 :

A message comes for unlocking the code. Enter the unlock code or you say your IMEI number. On this, you get your email and then press on unlock. Your phone is unlocked now. 

This trick is not 100 percent sure in all phones But people have a good response to this trick in many types of phones. It is also a free trick.

What can we do to prevent it in the future? 

If you have a personal connection at home you can run an antivirus scan. It will make sure that it is not infected by a computer virus or other spyware. If you are on a shared network you can run a scan across the network looking for viruses. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Can you possibly unlock your Sprint phone without your account?

Yes, it is possible. The first way is 100% sure. You can trust this way of unlocking sprint. The second way is to always have a good response. It is also free. My advice is that you just have to choose the second option and try it for free if it does not work on your phone. So try to call sprint customer support if they will help you for free, you have to follow their instructions.  

Why can’t I have access to other networks?

A curious thing in your phone that we don’t know is CDMA (code division multiple access). The software gives a kind of lock, a barrier that filters the whole access and does not allow you to use other networks in gaming. It limits you to the particular carrier that is registered to your sim. It is necessary to unlock the phone from the sprint.

How do you unlock the CDMA?

It is unlocked with the help of an IMEI number. We know how to know our IMEI number. Your IMEI number requests the network provider to unlock the sprint when the time comes. From there you would need to search the internet for free phone unlocking. 

What is IMEI?

IMEI is also known as the International mobile equipment identity. It is mainly of 15 numbers, But sometimes it goes to 16 or 17. IMEI is used for knowing the location and the current situation of the phone. Defense forces use this number to track the location of the terrorist or thief who stole the phone. IMEI is one of the main parts of mobile information.


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