How to Ping a Cell Phone ( Easiest way to locate your phone )

Firstly we know about pinging. It is to find a mobile location. In actual cell phone companies locate cell phone remote locations the process is called Pinging. These companies send signals to the device through a tower. The signal is then returned from a device with a GPS location. It is very helpful in various ways. For example, a phone is missing so you can ping your mobile or police agencies also ping the phone with the help of software for finding criminals and terrorists. 

How to ping a cell phone?

There are many ways to ping the cell phone some are given below:

1 Tracking with apps : There are many types of apps like family GPS tracker which are used by many people and it is very simple and easy to use.

2 Tracking with phone number details: Device is also detected by its number. In this process cell phones are located with the help of phone number detail.

3 GPS tracking : It is one of the famous ways to find location. It runs through software. There are many software used for GPS tracking and it is also very popular. It’s also used by security services.

4 Pinging from a computer : It’s one of the easy and usable ways. In this phone is linked with a computer window and the computer tells us about location.

5 Gmail tracking : We also have an option to track people with Gmail.  We just have to enter the Gmail username and password. But for this your location must be on your phone. 

How can we ping the switched off cell phones or smart phone?

Pinging a Phone
Pinging a Phone

How many people think that if your phone was stolen by anyone and been switched off so how did we find it? We don’t find the accurate location of the mobile which is turned off because when the mobile is once switched off the location it doesn’t give location but we will find the last location where the phone is switched off or your phone is switched on for some time it will also help you in finding location. 

But if your phone is stolen you will complain to police, because police start tracking the IMEI number and if your phone is turned on your phone will be pinged with the exact location and if the phone is found on any crime spot so you were not blamed.

How to protect cell phones from tracking ?

The first question comes to our mind is how we know if someone is tracking our phone or not. Some simple ways to find your is tapped by someone :

  1. If your phone is not so old but after that it becomes hot after using it for a small time like 20 to 30 minutes. Because when your phone is tapped your data usage will increase automatically and become hot quickly.
  2. In your data reminder you will see a lot of data usage but you are using not so much. Sometimes we use free Wi-fi or someone’s hotspot and allow everything to access through it so it is one of the main symptoms of tracking.
  3. On your phone sometimes an unwanted application was downloaded so don’t allow all the permissions and read it. If we did not want the application so uninstall it. 
  4. If your phone restart automatically many times so it is also a symptom of tracking
  5. If you or an unknown person is sending messages in some pattern so it is the biggest symptom of tracking or someone is pinging your phone. We did not mind these messages but you have to check the messages that your phone is sending or seeing messages without your permission.

Reasons and benefits of pinging a cell phone ?

Pinging a Phone
Pinging a Phone

Reason : Police ping the phone of the person to search him. Family members want to know the location of their children. Sometimes we ping the phone location to find their stolen phone. Some people ping the phones without owner permission. That is illegal.

Benefits : With the help of this technology police can find the lost person or terrorist location to save people’s life. Family members did not take tension from the child or if something happens like an accident so they know their location and help him. And it will also help in finding the stolen phone.


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