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How to Change Your Csgo Sensitivity to Valorant

How to change your CSGO sensitivity to Valorant

How to change your CSGO sensitivity to Valorant

When switching from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, gamers typically fare well in Valorant. You may find that you adapt to Valorant more quickly if you transfer your sensitivity from CSGO.

Even though Valorant and CSGO share a lot of similarities, these two shooters are distinct on their own own. It’s possible that CSGO players will have trouble adapting to Valorant’s agent powers, but otherwise, most first-person shooter skills are universal. Both tactical shooters need to be precise with their aim, crosshair placement, and recoil management.

Sensitivity plays a huge role in determining where to set your aim and how the game is played. Attempting to use someone else’s preferences when they don’t fit your own might lead to unfavourable outcomes. To maximise your enjoyment of Valorant or CSGO, experiment with different sensitivity settings until you discover the one that works best for you. It’s ideal to use the same number in both games.

If you haven’t entirely given up on CSGO since moving to Valorant, you might find it convenient to utilise the same mouse settings in both games. You shouldn’t switch to a different sensitivity in Valorant since doing so would hurt your shooting in CSGO. To play both games with the same sensitivity, follow these steps.

How to Convert Csgo Sensitivity to Valorant

The sensitivity in Valorant is equivalent to the sensitivity in CSGO divided by 3.18. This method of translating CSGO sensitivity to Valorant ensures that players do not see any noticeable differences in mouse movement between the two games. The procedure is as follows:

The final number is your precise Valorant sensitivity for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. When you return to playing CSGO, you won’t notice much of a difference in your mouse movements.

How to convert CSGO sensitivity to Valorant

Still, the controls in Valorant are not identical to those in CSGO. Some players choose a higher sensitivity setting when playing Valorant since it is a little slower than average. However, if you are a frequent participant in both activities, it is possible that juggling two sets of numbers will negatively impact your play.

Where Can I Tune Valorant’s Sensitivity to Perfection?


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