How to cancel a discovery plus subscription ( From All Devices)

How to cancel a discovery plus?

All of us see the streams, Discovery plus also gives you OTT and stream service of discovery. You can see your shows at any time. It is good for users and people can see all discovery shows in discovery plus. Instead of the discovery channel you also have the option to see more shows like Ladakh warrior and sons of soil. Of Course it is not free so you have to take a subscription for more features. 

Which is 99 rupees per month and 299 rupees per year. You are also able to choose the option of free trial but it has less features. After a subscription automatically new offers were subscribed. Now many people want to cancel their subscription? They do not know how to cancel their subscription. If you want to cancel their subscription, let’s see how to do it. But you have to remember that you have to cancel the subscription before the billing date. Otherwise you have to pay for next month.

How to cancel a subscription on Android devices ?

Firstly you have to open google play store because your subscription is billed by google play store. Tap the menu icon or you will see your picture click on this. . After clicking on it, four options come in front of you. Click on the payment and subscription or only subscription. Tap on discovery plus from your subscription list. Tap on the cancel subscription and now Discovery plus subscription will be cancelled. 

Cancelling of subscription
Cancelling of subscription

How to cancel a subscription on an I phone or I pad ?

Open the setting of your IOS and then tap on your apple ID.  Now you see the subscription option, tap on it. Now you have to do the same thing as android. You have to click on the discovery subscription and then tap on the cancel option. 

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How to cancel subscription on desktop ( of discovery plus )

You have to open your browser and visit Now login to your account. After log in your profile you have to click on the drop down menu. Go to manage your account and then go to the plan section. Tap on cancel. Now your subscription is cancelled. 

Cancelling of subscription
Cancelling of subscription

How to cancel discovery plus subscription from Amazon fire. 

From any browser you should have to go on Sign in your account. Now you have to go to digital content devices. Select your app and  then go to the subscription option. Choose discovery plus and click on cancel. 

Cancelling of subscription
Cancelling of subscription

How to cancel a subscription on Apple TV ?

Firstly you have to go to the settings menu of Apple TV. You have to go in the user account and click your account in which you have made a subscription on discovery plus. After that click on subscription and select discovery plus and cancel the subscription. 

What is the main reason for cancelling the subscription ?

The main reason for cancelling the subscription is the app maker’s thinking. He wants to make sure that subscribers will not leave the app, For that he does auto subscription programming. In this programming if any person subscribes one time after that the other subscription will be done automatically by apps. Some users did not check the subscription and money was spent by their mistakes. 

Benefits of discovery plus 

Its content is the best. That is the reason it is rewarded with an amazing 4.3 rating. Apps like amazon prime also have a 4.3 rating. It means it is as good as amazon prime in rating. Its subscription’s price is very less than any other streaming app. Where other apps give a subscription of nearly 999, discovery plus gives a subscription of 299. 

That is also a plus point of this app. But users of this app want it to be offline for subscribers or any download option. But it is not possible because it is online for all users ( whether they are subscribers or not ) and its customer care is also very good. There is one more problem for users who do not spend money. They are allowed to see many streams but also come between streams.


This app is one of the best streaming apps. You also have the option to enjoy it for free and if you subscribe you have more options like discovery plus original live stream without ads etc. Its subscription is low budget.


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