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How do you get a player head in Minecraft bedrock Xbox one?

Bedrock Xbox one: We have little doubt that you have encountered or as least heard about Creeper heads, Zombie’s heads, and Ender Dragon heads. A player’s head, though? A playable player head is attainable in Minecraft.

The nice aesthetics are only a bonus; this is merely a decorative accent. Do you need one? Find out how to obtain a player head in Minecraft right here!

What Sets Player Heads Distinct From All Other Minecraft Heads

Heads are ornamental blocks that may be used to represent the player character, zombies, skeletons, wither skeletons, creepers, or even a dragon in Minecraft. The remaining five heads may be gotten by killing the relevant mobs in a certain manner, but the player head cannot be among them.

If you’re playing in the game’s default Survival mode (no modifications or Minecraft resource packs installed), your head won’t get dropped. Steve’s or Alex’s head shouldn’t be left on the ground for people to pick up and use as trophies.

Do we really want to encourage this kind of thinking among the next generation? The usage of commands or the installation of extra data packs is required to acquire a player head.

True to its name, the player’s head serves the same purpose as the game’s other heads. Put it on display as a decorative piece or mount it in a trophy case. Yet, player heads can’t be used to create Firework Stars.

The Minecraft Player Head Guide

In Minecraft, one must use instructions to remove an opponent’s head. It’s why you need to go to Creative mode and use cheats to do that.

When playing Minecraft 1.13 or later, you may simply use “/give @p Minecraft: player headSkullOwner: PlayerNameHere” to transfer ownership of a skull to a specific player. However, in Minecraft versions before 1.13.2, a command block will be required.

To help you obtain a player head in Minecraft, I have provided the following detailed instructions:

Modular Minecraft Bodies and Heads

Like the free Minecraft character skin, this one can be downloaded and used to give your player a new look. Even better, you can make your own unique look at a website aptly titled Minecraft Heads.

Use of Player Heads in Minecraft: Instructions

In Minecraft, player heads perform the same actions as any other head block. Like with pumpkins or helmets, players might don “heads.” A new layer is added on top of the player’s current one. Similarly, player heads can be placed on other blocks to serve as ornamentation.

How do you get a player head in Minecraft bedrock Xbox one?

Get Players’ Heads in Minecraft Without Using a Command

Since there are no commands in Survival Mode, you’ll need to download and install extra Minecraft data packs if you want to obtain player heads in the game. Find the required data packs and instructions for installing them right here!

That’s all; you now know how to obtain a player’s head in Minecraft without using a command. In Survival Mode, it is now possible to remove players’ heads. Check out our website, for a wealth of helpful Minecraft instructions and resources.


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