How do I switch my Activision account from Xbox to ps5?

Signing Up for a Profile

To help you level up in the game, an Activision account grants you access to the newest information and grants you access to special incentives. You may sign up for an Activision account without spending a dime.

When you link several accounts to your Activision account, you may make progress in all of them simultaneously. You may play crossplay-enabled games on whatever platform you have linked to your Activision account, and your progress will be saved and accessible across all of them.

To sign up, just use your credentials from a supported gaming platform like PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, or Blizzard. For security reasons, while creating a gaming account, you will be sent to the gaming network’s official website for confirmation of your login details.

Choose Mobile if you don’t have a gaming account(Xbox to ps5).

Account linking

One Activision account may be linked to many platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Blizzard, and Nintendo.

These are the actions you need to do to connect your platform account:

  • Enter your Activision credentials and log in.
  • To view linked accounts, hover over your account name at the top of the page.
  • Select the option to Link Account next to the profile you want to associate.
  • Please be aware that only one Activision account per manufacturer may be linked.
  • To continue, please provide the Verification Code that was issued to your Activision account email.
  • Then, next to the account you want to connect, select Link Account once more.
  • To finish integrating your accounts, you’ll be redirected back to PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Blizzard, or Nintendo’s respective website.

Games that support cross-progression will have your progress saved to your Activision account rather than the platform account you use to play. Your progress will be lost if you decide to link your platform account to another Activision account.

No data or work is lost. If you link back your platform account to your original Activision account, you’ll be able to access all of your previous progress and download stuff without any interruption.

Two-Factor Authentication

Use two-factor authentication to better safeguard your account. By enabling two-factor authentication, you’ll be compelled to use a separate authentication app (in this case, Google Authenticator) every time you sign in.

You will be prompted to set up two-factor authentication when registering a new account, or when logging into an existing account for the first time if you haven’t already done so. Even if you missed the first setup prompts, you may still activate two-factor authentication by visiting the PRIVACY & SECURITY settings page.

How to implement two-factor authentication by following these instructions.

  • Get the Google Authenticator app from the app store and install it on your mobile device.
  • Navigate to your Activision account’s PRIVACY & SETTINGS tab.
  • Launch the Authenticator app by selecting the addition (+) button.
  • If you have a smartphone or tablet, you may use the Scan barcode option to quickly input the Manual Entry Key, or you can choose Manual entry to manually enter the key.
  • After opening the authenticator app, select ADD ACCOUNT.
  • After typing in your Activision account password, you’ll need to input the 6-digit number displayed on your authenticator app (listed under Activision).
  • Select “Activate” to finish the installation.

After you’ve set up Google Authenticator, the app will generate 10 backup codes in case you ever lose or don’t have access to the main set. These passwords should be kept in a secure location that is nonetheless easily accessible. Backup codes can only be used once per account for safety purposes.

If you have activated two-factor authentication, after entering your email and password you will be asked to provide an authentication code issued by the authentication app. A fresh authentication code is produced by the authenticator app every 30 seconds.

How do I switch my Activision account from Xbox to ps5?
How do I switch my Activision account from Xbox to ps5?

Separating Accounts on the Platform

Once every 12 months, you can unlink a platform account from your Activision account.

To disconnect from a platform, do as follows:

  1. Please enter your login information for your Activision account.
  2. Find the account you want to disconnect from and click UNLINK under ACCOUNT LINKING.
  3. Regarding your progress, purchases, and earned content in Call of Duty: Vanguard, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and Warzone:
  4. are saved to Activision accounts, not platform accounts.
    …cannot be transferred to accounts on other services.
  5. can be recovered by reconnecting the platform account with the primary Activision account.
  6. Click the CONTINUE button after checking the box.

Follow these instructions to change your Activision account’s email address or reset your password if you’ve forgotten either.

  1. Enter your username and password on the Activision account page.
  2. After selecting your preferred platform account, you will be sent directly to its login screen.
  3. After signing into your platform account, you’ll be brought back to the Activision homepage.
  4. You may access your basic information by hovering over your display name and clicking on the drop-down menu that appears.
  5. To modify your password, click the EDIT button.
  6. Type in the new password twice to confirm it, and then click SAVE.
  7. The second step is to repeat the platform selection made in the first step’s pop-up.
  8. Choose EDIT next to the email address in BASIC INFO and save your changes.
  9. To save your changes, make sure you use a working email address and click SAVE.
  10. Follow Step 6’s instructions to change your password and input it in the resulting pop-up.

Joining Together Twitch Profiles

Just stick to these simple instructions to join the Twitch community.

  1. To access your Twitch channel, please log in.
  2. Log in to your Activision account using the same browser.
  3. Find the option to Link with Twitch Account under the ACCOUNT LINKING menu.
  4. Choose to proceed. After this, you’ll be sent to Twitch to finish connecting your accounts.

Changing How You Want to Be Contacted

Get the inside scoop on upcoming events, discounts, and seasonal freebies by adding your phone number and email address to your Activision profile.

The BASIC INFO part of your profile is where you may make changes to your contact information.

Email address

Changing your Activision account’s email address requires account authentication. In order to change your email address, you will be asked to input a one-time verification code that will be given to your current email.

  1. To change your email address, click the EDIT button next to it.
  2. Select SEND CODE in the ACCOUNT VERIFICATION REQUIRED window that appears.
  3. Get the one-time verification code from your existing account.
  4. Get back to the ACCOUNT VERIFICATION REQUIRED window and input the code.
  5. Select EDIT next to the Email Address entry on the BASIC INFO tab.
  6. Specify your new email address and hit the SAVE button.
  7. Type in your Activision account’s security code.
  8. Simply click the SAVE button.
  9. Your new email address will get a verification email to ensure its legitimacy. To finish updating your email, click the link labeled “VERIFY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS” in this message.

You will not be able to modify your account’s email address if you do not have access to the email address associated with your account. However, if you have other accounts linked to it, you may still use it to sign in. To do this, go to the Activision account login page, pick the associated account type, and enter your credentials.

Activision Support is unable to make account modifications due to security and privacy issues.

Phone number

  1. If you want to change the phone number, click the EDIT button next to the box.
  2. Pick a country and input your phone number.
  3. To confirm your acceptance of Activision’s SMS conditions, please check the box below the phone number field.
  4. To add your new number to your profile, click SAVE.

Sending an SMS message is restricted to US phone numbers only.


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