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Google’s Workplace AI Duet: When It’ll Be Available, What It Can Do, and More

Google’s Workplace AI Duet: An interesting new development brought to you by the AI team at Google; with that in mind, when can we expect to see the release of the Google Workspace Duet AI? To begin, you might be curious about the Duet AI, which stands for artificial intelligence.

This artificial intelligence is all about assisting you in using Google Workspace, which is a platform in the cloud for storing files, managing data, and working with other people.

AI collaborates with you to make utilizing the platform simpler and to increase the amount of work you get done. One such example is already available in the form of Google Bard, which was the impetus for Google to begin its work in the field of artificial intelligence.

Already, Microsoft has made its first foray into the realm of artificial intelligence assistants with the release of Copilot AI for Microsoft 365. You can deduce from the name alone that Duet AI is a replacement for Copilot; however, it uses Google Workspace rather than the Microsoft 365 platform.

Google’s Duet AI is a collaborative workspace

Google Workspace is based on a variety of different applications, most of which you are probably already familiar with.

Your workflow will become more fluid as a result of the integration of AI, and it will also be able to serve as a source of inspiration or just as a starting point for your job. We have compiled a selection of the most prominent features for you.

For instance, the ‘Help me write’ capability offered by Duet AI is beneficial for usage with both Gmail and Google Docs. Additionally, a smartphone version of this tool is now under development.

Google’s Workplace AI Duet When It’ll Be Available, What It Can Do, and More


If you’ve ever used ChatGPT previously, you’re probably used to seeing this kind of thing. If you enter a straightforward request, such as “job description for a textile designer,” you will obtain a somewhat detailed response that you may modify and expand upon.

To continue with the concept, the ‘Help me organize’ feature of Google Sheets means that using the program can potentially take less time than it would otherwise. With the help of this AI prompt, you will be able to swiftly construct timetables, rosters, and data.

Using AI to create graphics is obviously interesting, and thanks to this connection, Google Slides now gives you the ability to do it.

When you have original photographs that look precisely how you want them to, it is much simpler to put together presentations. This applies to any kind of image, from the every day to the fantastic.

Date rumors for Google’s AI-powered Workplace Duet

The question now is, when exactly will Google Workspace Duet AI be made available to users? After the presentation at Google I/O that took place on May 10th, 2023, it would appear that Workspace Duet AI is now integrated into the platform and the apps that run on it; however, there is a catch if you wish to gain access to it at this time.

If we were to make a guess as to when the full version will be made available to the public, we would say that it will happen somewhere around the third quarter of this year.

The question now is, what exactly is the catch? The new Duet AI tools, as well as some of the ones that have been available before, will be made available to you when you have been placed on a waiting list.

This is where registering for Workspace Labs comes into play; further information on this topic may be found here.


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