Finding Paradise is a Must-play RPG From to the Moon’s Developers

It’s finally here: the mobile version of Finding Paradise, the successor to the smash blockbuster role-playing game To the Moon. The PC version of Finding Paradise was launched in 2017 and quickly gained praise for its touching narrative. Although it is annoying that you need a TapTap account to use the Android version, we highly suggest it.

The Game’s Plot and Mechanics

Despite continuing the story of Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts from To the Moon, Finding Paradise may be played independently of that game. Together, they travel through the memories of their terminally sick patients to grant their final requests. There is no fighting or skill development, only a leisurely journey through their lives. Colin, the game’s patient, adds an intriguing contradiction to the narrative.

It is common practice for Drs. Rosalene and Watts implement a number of lifestyle adjustments for their patients in an effort to increase their level of contentment. As a counterpoint, Colin requests that they alter both everything and nothing.

Problems with technology are making it much harder for doctors to execute their jobs. The emotional impact of this narrative will render you unable to speak for some time, making it inappropriate to see right before making small talk at a party.

Due to its lack of gameplay elements, Finding Paradise is reminiscent of a visual novel. Though there are some riddles, the game is really focused on the story. ​​​​​​​

Efficiency and Regulation

If you’re afraid about losing data or functionality as a result of switching to mobile, don’t worry. Using a mobile device to play Finding Paradise is, in fact, quite close to optimizing the experience. The controls are perfect for a mobile device, requiring only a tap to move, and all of the necessary choices are within easy reach. While it may take some time to get used to tapping the appropriate locations to advance the game, you will eventually master the controls.

The visuals of Finding Paradise are reminiscent of early Game Boy Advance role-playing games, but they aren’t diminished by the comparison. They also ensure the game will function flawlessly on all contemporary gadgets.

Finding Paradise is one of the greatest mobile RPGs, but that doesn’t change the fact that the controls are clumsy and the game frequently skips frames.

Audio-visual Elements

The relaxing music and warm pixel imagery of Finding Paradise pull you in at first sight. Those who were gaming kids in the early ’90s will instantly be transported back in time. However, unlike in other games, this one makes you feel like it was done on purpose to create a certain mood rather than because of technical constraints.

The soundtrack plays an important role. The score is soothing and comforting, adding an appropriate touch to each scenario. In no circumstances should you play this game without sound; instead, put on your finest headphones.

Finding Paradise is a Must-play RPG From to the Moon's Developers
Finding Paradise is a Must-play RPG From to the Moon’s Developers

The game’s plot is just as important as the aesthetics and music, of course. In a fortunate turn of events, Finding Paradise provides one of the most meaningful and emotional stories available in a video game today.

Finding Paradise is an Unforgettable RPG

Put this role-playing game at the top of your list for the year. Players who have already experienced the game should give it another shot; a new music-box option gives you instant access to the whole score. Some technological enhancements have also been made, such as an automatic save function.

Finally, Finding Paradise is a game that everyone should play. It’s hard to make the case that you won’t have time to finish the game in 5 hours. Still, we promise those playtimes will rank among the most enjoyable of any game you own. Both the TapTap shop and the Play Store now offer Finding Paradise for download, however, the former requires the creation of a TapTap account while the latter does not.


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