Do you support Elon’s intention to develop a Tesla Phone if Apple and Google ban Twitter?

Tesla phone rumors have been floating around for a while, but they have proven to be just that: rumors. However, Musk said on Twitter for the first time that if Apple and Android took action against his recently purchased social media network, he might consider establishing a competitor to their smartphones.

Since Musk’s purchase of Twitter was finalized, he has made several contentious modifications that have made advertising on the site risky for certain companies. In light of the results of a Twitter vote, he just announced his intention to provide amnesty to all previously suspended accounts. Before officially stating that the platform will restore former President Donald Trump, he polled his fans in the same fashion.

Because of Musk’s “free speech absolutist” approach, it’s probable that Twitter will break the rules set out by the app stores. Some have speculated that, given Twitter’s disorganized approach to platform management, Apple or Google would remove the app from their app stores.

While there is little evidence to suggest that the mobile industry’s heavy hitters have really contemplated this step, Elon responded to a tweet by saying that he would create his own phone if necessary. Not for the first time, though, has he spoken ill of the businesses, having previously griped about the costs associated with using their services.

The possibility that Musk’s purchase of Twitter may ultimately convince him to develop a mobile gadget has been floating about since before he became famous. It’s not totally out there. In addition to developing its own custom chips and software stack full of games and apps, Tesla also has over a million clients using a Linux-based tablet OS with a cutting-edge graphical user interface.

Obviously, the gadget is still only a concept at this point and is not likely to be developed.

Do you support Elon's intention to develop a Tesla Phone if Apple and Google ban Twitter?
Do you support Elon’s intention to develop a Tesla Phone if Apple and Google ban Twitter?

Twitter, the social media behemoth, could still make its Android app available to customers outside of the Google Play Store even if both Apple and Google took simultaneous, decisive action against the platform.

It’s more of a hassle to install programs from outside the App Store on iOS, but it can be done using a custom profile, and it’s certainly easier than switching phones. It’s also not as though you couldn’t use your phone’s web browser to access Twitter, so there’s no real need for a dedicated app.

Would you consider buying a phone that Musk has developed instead of the two dominant brands on the market, Apple and Google? What would you call it if this kind of phone became a reality? Drop a line in the comments and let us know.

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