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cyber security

cyber security

Cyber security is a security which is for systems attached with the Internet. With the help of this the hardware and software being more secured. By which document and files can be more secured and not stolen. It is made with two words: cyber and security. Cyber means internet, information, technology, computer, network or data related is called cyber and making it secure is its security like information security and technology security. Cyber security has a team of ethical hackers which prevents you from deleting data or stealing data. It also helps to prevent those who will misuse cyber technology. In this you will save a network computing system or any program data. 

What is the need of cyber security?

  1. Cyber security is also needed for text documents or any type of data like our images is saved by it.
  2. Cyber security is also needed for national security (which branch helps to fight against cyber attack on defense systems.
  3. It also saves banking and financial data. It is very necessary because if it is not safe, any hacker will steal your money.
  4. If we have any data which has only copyright, then cyber security is very necessary to save data or you are in a company and only you have copyright to save it from the robbers. 
  5. There is some data which is very necessary or essential information like nowadays in government offices where the internet is used. If data is leaked there will be a big problem so they use cyber security. 

Cyber crime

Cyber security

In this paragraph we know about  cyber crime If we do not have any security.  

  1. Hacking: Its most trending type of cyber crime and It is also known by all people. In this hacker accesses any personal data and sensitive information like identity data and password data without your permission. It also accesses your bank account by which you have to take a big loss. 
  1. Cyber theft: It’s a big part of cyber crime in which they break the law of copyright. They are digital thieves and take personal data and essential information to do crime like blackmail in future. 
  1. Cyber stalking: This type of crime is mostly found on social media. They send bad messages and do harassment. They harass people who don’t know a lot about the internet. In this case mostly oppressed are children. The stalker start black mailing them. 
  1. Identity theft: In this hacker stole the identity and personal information like if anyone hack data of any army officer they will also hack the army official information so all are necessary to have cyber security. 
  1. Malicious software: Many hackers make software to hack any PC or mobile connected with the internet and also delete data from your PC or mobile. They also crash our system with the help of software. Most hackers link popup messages or with e-mail in software Virus, Ransomware and worms. It makes people greedy to click links. 
  1. Phishing: In this hacker messages with the name of a trusted organization or bank and take the information like debit card and bank account number. 
  2. Spoofing: In this type of cyber crime hacker will use another person’s identity to attack a big server or big company. 
  3. Salami slicing attack: The hacker will hack the account in a small account with the help of debit card or bank account hacking. Due to very small transaction hacking people don’t know about slicing. With time the hacker made a new plan to do cyber crime.

Advantage of Cyber security

cyber security

Cyber security save you from unauthorized in which have danger of data loss like when we install app from play store you have see that app also done the processing of Play protect because play store also use cyber security. Sometimes when we open a website it does not open because it is unauthorized due to cyber security. Cyber security saves data from hackers by which they did not give you any financial or mentally loss.   Nowadays the cash transaction is very trending and useful. Cyber security saves our data from hackers. It is used by security to an ordinary person.


The knowledge of cyber security but using it in life is more necessary and does not go to tempting messages to save our data. 



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