Canadian Couple Escapes Their Tesla Before It Burns

Canadian Couple Escapes Their Tesla Before It Burns: Last month, a guy from Sherbrooke claims he narrowly avoided death when his automobile suddenly caught fire.

Montreal was at the scene of the crime on March 5 at about 1 in the morning. According to Sacha De Santis, he had just climbed inside his high-end Tesla, a Model X, when smoke started billowing out of the vents.

“There was so much smoke in the air that I couldn’t drive,” CTV News, revealed. “I was lucky I wasn’t on the highway.”

The two of them were riding in the automobile together at the time. He claims he stopped near the intersection of Henri Bourassa and Olympia boulevards when he saw flames coming from the front window. According to him, the automobile caught fire a few minutes later.

“I had so much stuff in my car as well, “His words. “Clothes, computers … I was able to get my phone and call 911.”

The fact that he is still breathing makes him pleased, he says. His 2020 model-year brand-new automobile was completely wiped out. What’s left of the dashboard is just a bunch of wires in a video shared later on social media, and the seats have nearly totally crumbled.

The man claims the automobile caught fire while he was using the heating software. Four firemen came to the call and were able to put out the fire, which the Montreal fire department verified.

To the police and firemen who rushed to the scene, he expressed his gratitude and cautioned other motorists.

“Pay attention and stay alert for signs of smoke or fire,” the text he included with his video. “It can happen in any vehicle!”

He claims he shared his experience with a local Tesla dealership, where he was assured that the matter will be looked into. He claimed to have insurance and to have since acquired a second Tesla automobile.

Tesla was contacted by CTV News for comment on De Santis’s article, but the news organization did not get a response in time for publication.

In the summer of 2017, Transport Canada seized a second Tesla that had unexpectedly lost power, apparently leaving the doors useless, before catching fire in Vancouver.

Ministry officials told CTV in January that they had eliminated the battery as a possible cause of the fire but had not yet determined the precise origin of the blaze.

Canadian Couple Escapes Their Tesla Before It Burns
Canadian Couple Escapes Their Tesla Before It Burns


CTV News has also contacted Transport Canada for an update on the probe but has not yet received a response.

Fears About Electric Vehicles in the Apa

Automobile Protection Association of Montreal consumer advocate George Iny speculated that problems with the vehicle’s heating and electrical systems might have contributed to the fire’s spread.

Nonetheless, Iny stated that his firm shares Tesla’s worry over the potential for fires caused by lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles.

“We’re absolutely convinced we haven’t heard the last on this subject,” His words. “Lithium-ion is just not that stable. We predict that as electric vehicles get older, ones using that technology will be more prone to catch fire.”

The Hyundai Kona and the Chevrolet Bolt were both recalled in the past several years for the same reason.

He expressed concern over fires that started in electric vehicle batteries because of their location under the vehicle, making it more difficult for firemen to put out the blaze. They produce a more intense flame and need more water to extinguish.

“It’s a worry for us,” How he put it. “Our hope, long term, is that lithium-ion is replaced with something that’s more stable.”

Despite the fact that Teslas aren’t inherently riskier than other electric cars, Iny/ notes that they’ve been on the market since 2012 and sell at a far larger volume than their competitors. A disproportionate number of Teslas are involved in automobile fires, he said.

Iny stated that lithium-ion battery electric vehicles are still the APA’s recommendation, adding, “but we are aware the situation could go sideways.”

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