Big Balancing Change for DNF Duel, but No DLC Yet

Since DNF Duel’s initial release in June, Neople and Nexon had been mum on whether or not the game will receive post-launch updates.

At CEOtaku 2022, Arc System Works said that a long-awaited balancing update for the Dungeon Fighter Online spin-off will be arriving later this year. The developer also discussed some future ideas for the game, however, he would not disclose any downloadable content at the time.

In a short video message, DNF Production Director Ryousuke Kodani addressed supporters watching the competition and informed them that a bug-fixing update will be released this month.

Kodani stated, “I regret the inconvenience caused by issues in the game.” “An update to address issues including screen freezing during online matches and faulty input in the Steam version is scheduled for the month’s end. We are actively investigating further vulnerabilities and have patches scheduled for the near future.”

It will be fascinating to watch how the upcoming update, which is not expected to arrive until December and will rebalance the whole cast with the intention of solely strengthening characters, plays out.

Kodani has stated, “We are preparing an update by late December.” “Adjusting the playability of each character so that everyone may enjoy themselves. In the future, we plan to exclusively augment all characters positively.”

After months of radio-quiet, many DNF fans were undoubtedly expecting that today would be the day that downloadable content (DLC) or a Season Pass would be announced.

Big Balancing Change for DNF Duel, but No DLC Yet
Big Balancing Change for DNF Duel, but No DLC Yet

“Finally, we’re now working on anything other than a balancing patch,” the production director said. “Given the current state of affairs, it will be quite some time before we can do this. We’re making progress every day, and we’re certain that the gamers will love it when we’re done.”

Kodani is probably hinting at new material coming to the game, given that he acknowledged they are working on more than just updates for the game, however it is strange that they do not yet have a trailer or any graphics for it.

We can only hope that Kodani is referring to both of these possibilities, but the closest we can come is the possibility of cross-platform play coming to DNF, as is going to happen with Guilty Gear Strive.

We’ve already spoken about how DNF Duel’s fast dwindling player base and lack of contact from the devs and publisher are causing problems, so it’s encouraging to see that they’re now opening up about the game’s future.

Keep an eye out because ArcSys has one more announcement for CEOtaku coming either before or during Strive’s top 8 at the event.

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