Apple’s Stunned Response to the Macbook Pro

The new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro computers from Apple are said to be unveiled this week. The Apple Silicon M2 Pro and M2 Max, which power the two powerful laptops, should have the quickest M2 processors to yet. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Tim Cook and company to wow the crowd with stunning macOS hardware.

In the future, the MacBook Pro will be sidelined and forgotten. Instead of holding a massive media event to introduce the Mac Pro, Apple has opted for a more low-key boutique event in November.

Once this is complete, the Mac platform will have fully made the switch from the x86 Intel platform to Apple’s own ARM-based platform. At the 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that by “the end of 2022,” all new Macs will be equipped with an Apple Silicon chipset.

The MacBook Air, macMini, and MacBook Pro began shipping not long after. After thereafter, the iMac and Mac Studio were introduced (the latter of which essentially serves as a desktop Mac in mac Mini size), and finally, the high-end MacBook Pro was released, thus rounding out the lineup. The only Mac left is the pro version.

Many of the rumors surrounding next week’s release of the high-end M2 MacBook Pro laptops have been confirmed to apply to the Mac Pro as well. Power settings on the Mac Pro go above and beyond the needs of typical users.

It provides significantly more functionality to creatives in situations where rapid iteration and integration into preexisting infrastructure are prioritized. As a result, we have reached the culmination of Apple’s 2020 Silicon promise.

Where is the honor guard of “the best MacBook Pro we’ve ever made” leading into “the best Mac we’ve ever made”? The Mac Pro deserves a launch event; for some, it is the most important component of the macOS platform, the machine that unlocks “god-tier creativity.”

Apple's Stunned Response to the Macbook Pro
Apple’s Stunned Response to the Macbook Pro

However, placing it as the final chapter in the origin story is a missed opportunity. Instead of ending on a spectacular one-two, the Apple Silicon tale will be more reflective.

Apple has a tale to tell, and the geek elite will undoubtedly notice when news releases on the company’s latest endeavors appear in the Apple Newsroom.

But I can’t help but think that Apple’s ability to produce “the best high-performance laptop in a way that only Apple can” is a story that deserves to be told widely and enhances the Mac Pro’s conclusion, rather than being kept under wraps to give the Mac Pro room to provide a low-key and specialized conclusion.

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