Apple Blocks Coinbase Wallet on iOS

Apple Blocks Coinbase Wallet on iOS: With last month’s update to its App Store Review Guidelines, the most valuable firm in the world is showing its might by finally addressing NFTs.

Apple has apparently prohibited the newest version of Coinbase Wallet for iOS on the grounds that the costs associated with transferring NFTs must go via Apple’s In-App Purchase mechanism.

In the same way that Apple gets a 30% share of all payments made through its platform, it is now treating the gas costs necessary to transport NFTs in the same way that it treats sales of skins or other upgrades in games.

“For anyone who understands how NFTs and blockchains work, this is clearly not possible,” Posted to Coinbase Wallet.“Apple’s proprietary In-App Purchase system does not support crypto so we couldn’t comply “even if we tried.”

Many in the cryptography world are perplexed by the decision. “Sorry what lmao,” Cobie, a well-known figure in the crypto community, tweeted her reaction to the news.

Apple’s decision to restrict user access to some features or settings in the name of product stability and performance has been a staple of the company for years. iOS is a closed-source mobile operating system, in contrast to Android, which is open-source and developed by Google. It’s well-known that Apple is quite selective about the apps it accepts in its App Store.

Although Apple’s guidelines for the App Store were updated on October 24 to permit apps that enabled NFT purchases, questions remained about how Apple would apply its own rules. Apple’s decision to prevent users from accessing the Coinbase Wallet indicates that the company may not apply its rules in a way that is consistent with blockchain technology.

Apple Blocks Coinbase Wallet on iOS
Apple Blocks Coinbase Wallet on iOS

Obviously, this news did not infuriate everyone. Floor co-founder and CEO Chris Maddern sees Apple’s decision as a positive development for the NFT industry.

While others want crypto to decide its own path, in June, the Solana blockchain’s designers made a declaration about a mobile phone, which, in light of Coinbase’s disclosure, has been deemed prophetic by some.

“Solana’s decision to build a phone is looking better and better every day,” The creator of the Coral project, which develops NFT-related technologies, tweeted the project’s name.

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