App Development: How to make app (Step by Step Guide)

We all use apps on our phones or smart watches etc. But we don’t know how this app was made. App development is the process of making apps. We can develop the app on the base of the platform. If you want to make an app for the phone , it is necessary to know about programming languages like java script or python.

 We can make apps without programming. There are many websites which allow people to make apps who don’t know the programming language. There are many app developers who customize your app. You have to hire them. Many apps are now available for learning online coding. 

How to make app

Step 1 :

Firstly think about the problem solved by your app because if your app is not profitable to people so they can’t use the app. You also have to decide the features of the app before starting working on it. 

Step 2 :

We have to know about our target audience. It helps in spreading popularity among those people who have to use it and then we can choose our application to support which devices. 

It is very necessary to choose it. We also have to decide our application’s revenue model. We also have to decide from where we take revenue because there are many ways to take revenue. 

Step 3 :

Now we have to design our application. Nowadays people spend a lot on user interfaces. This is a main fact on which apps are rated good or bad. You also have to decide the app’s approach. It also helps in better programming of apps but it is costly.

App Development
App Development

Due to its user experience being good these types are called native approaches. There is also another approach called web approach. This type of approach is fast at a low cost. In this the java script HTML5 and CSS is very necessary. The third is called a hybrid approach. It is a mixture of native and web approach. It is trending because it is used for less cost and better experience.

Step 4 :

After designing an application, if you want to protect your app you have to make wireframes and other protectible security and virus free.

Step 5 :

Now you have to Build a strategy to make the app different from others to make it good like in text, font and maximum people can use your app. It will give you a good rating and also grow your thinking of making better apps. You also have to test the app in mobiles , desktops to know if your app is running on all devices or not. 

Step 6 :

You have to find a good releasing platform for your app or you also have the option to work under companies in which you have to make apps and sell to them.

Step 7 :

The last and the most important thing is the promotion of an app. You have to join social media’s platform to viral it. All social media have paid promotion options to make it viral Quickly. 

Step 8 :

You have to develop the app from time to time to make it more protective and technically strong. 

What is the benefit of app development

App Development
App Development

App development is also a source of earning and it will also help you in technical platforms. For developing apps you will have to have knowledge about programming languages ( coding language ) or you have to have knowledge about the apps which will allow you to make apps without coding language ( like java script, python ).

 App development will also help you in making apps for your own work or business like in study or sites. If you would make yourself not so much just an average developer , you earn 75,782 dollars in a country like the United states ( per year).

What type of app did we develop in the beginning ?

It depends on your interest. In which you are interested. But you are confused so you have to make an app with less competition with good traffic. Most of the virtual health apps are not good because mostly people want this app but they get a bad response and it also has not so much competition with a lot of traffic. Second idea is an instructor who instructs you in case of an emergency of anything like a health emergency or electronic health record or to inform contacts in an emergency.


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