Alienware’s Latest Aurora R15

There is a new desktop PC from Alienware called the Aurora R15, and it has 34 “In-display-drive (QD) OLED displays with curves that are now commercially available. The Alienware Aurora R15 supports up to an NVIDIA RTX 40 series graphics processing unit and the newest Intel Core CPUs (13th Gen).

Raptor Lake 13th Generation Core processors were released by Intel in September, and new desktop computers featuring these powerful processors have been announced by many different manufacturers since then.

In fact, on the same day, Alienware unveiled the new Aurora R15, powered by Intel’s 13th-generation Core I CPUs, and a stunning new 34 “massive OLED screen for playing games. Both of these new Alienware devices are currently on sale, which is great news for anybody eager to get their hands on the latest and greatest in computer hardware.

Alienware Aurora R15

Design-wise, the new Aurora R15 doesn’t deviate too much from its predecessor, the R13. But when you take a peek inside, you’ll find some innovative and potent upgrades. The PC has been modified to lessen fan noise and boost heat dissipation. A glass side panel is still an option, but the R15 chassis comes standard with a series of hexagonal side vents to improve airflow and system efficiency.

Regarding cooling, the R15 liquid-cooled variants use a 240mm heat exchanger, which is double the size of the preceding generation. There will be five 120mm chassis fans in each device powered by a K Series CPU. An 80 Plus Platinum power supply, with choices of 750W and 1350W, will be used.

Starter models have an Intel Core i5 13600K processor, 8GB (1x8GB) of DDR-4800 RAM, a 256GB NVMe M.2 SSD, a GeForce RTX 3050 8GB graphics processing unit, a 750W Platinum power supply, a vented, windowless side panel, and air cooling.

Up to a GeForce RTX 4090 24GB GPU, 64GB (2x32GB) DDR5-4800, a 4TB NVMe M.2 SSD with 2TB 7200 RPM SATA HDD, a 1350W Platinum PSU, and a 240mm AIO Cryo-Tech liquid cooling loop are all possible in this case.

Alienware's Latest Aurora R15
Alienware’s Latest Aurora R15

Monitor for Gamers With a Curve, Model Number Alienware Aw3423dwf, 34″

Alienware is now selling a brand new 34-inch display for individuals who wish to improve their video quality “a super-wide screen for gaming. With a 99.3 percent DCI-P3 color coverage and a wide viewing angle, this new monitor is cinema-quality from the get-go. There is an infinite contrast ratio and a maximum brightness of 1000 nits on this display.

With AMD FreeSync Premium Pro Technology and VESA AdaptiveSync Display certification, gamers can enjoy ultra-low latency gameplay, support for high dynamic range (HDR) and dramatic color, and smooth, tear-free gaming.

The combination of a high refresh rate (up to 165 hertz) and the quickest 0.1ms GtG (Gray to Gray) reaction time in the industry should result in stunning visual clarity.

Quantum dot organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel with ultrawide WQHD (3440 x 1440) resolution and a curved display. According to Alienware, the use of quantum dots in the display’s pixel layer improves color performance by directly converting blue light into the primary colors of red and green.

This allows for a thinner panel design while still providing excellent color performance (higher peak luminance and a wider color gamut range than WOLED (White ratio)).

The Alienware Aurora R15 may be yours for a price tag of $1,799.99 (USD) or less if you’re ready to step up your gaming rig. The Alienware AW3423DWF is a great choice if you want a more impressive display on your 34 “One may get a curved gaming monitor for $1,099.99 USD.


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