Advantages and disadvantages of the Internet for students. 

All of us know that the Internet is a part of our life. Life is very easy with the internet. We have written about the affect of the Internet on students. Positive and negative affect of the internet on students’ lives . We all know the Internet is an amazing thing. It is also very helpful for us. The Internet has a main role in a student’s life. So, firstly we discuss how the internet is necessary for students.  

Internet’s need for students.  

All students know about online classes. For studying in online classes, it is necessary to have the internet. When you are finding an answer and you are not able to solve it, then you must go to the internet to see the answers. The Internet also wants to see the uploaded videos on Youtube for study. If you have any problem in solving the question so will communicate with the experts and your teachers. The Internet is one of the biggest needs of the Internet. We will write 10 advantages and disadvantages of students from the Internet. 

Advantage of Internet for students.

We know that everything has positive and negative points. First we discuss the benefits of the Internet in a student’s life. How the Internet makes life easy. 

  • Online education :

Now if you are not able to go into schools or colleges, you have the option to join class online. 

  • Software for education

The student can download many types of software for education. This software helps in increasing knowledge. 

advantage of internet
advantage of internet
  • Online result

Now it is not important to go to school for results. You will get the results online. We all know that some class results came online from many years ago, but now online results come from all classes. You just have to click on a website link to seek a result. 

  • Entertainment

The Internet is also used for entertainment and keeps our mind fresh and saves us from depression.

  • Research

We can do research on search engines with the help of the internet. You will get a deep result or detailed result. Because all necessary information was found on Google or another search engine. 

  • Discussion about study

Many students want to discuss their study doubts and answer one another so it is possible. You can discuss any educational topics or ideas with your class friends. 

  • Making notes

You can make notes online. Which not only helps you in not making only, it will also underline your words’ mistakes and keep your record also. 

  • PDF

You will also get your old papers and notes in the form of a pdf. You will not have to give old papers and you will also get in your phone. You will not have to go to any other place to collect them and waste time on them. 

  • Creativeness

Because of the internet Students became creative. They want to know more about technology, coding and other things like this. 

  • Translation

Sometimes students did not know the language or any type of problem in any language so you can translate it on any search engine. You will get a translation easily. All advantages we discuss are possible due to the internet. 

Disadvantages of the Internet for students.

Now we discuss the 10 negative impacts of the internet on students. Because There are many problems with using the internet more than the limit. Some are given below.

disadvantage of internet
disadvantage of internet by
  • Health issues 

After covid-19 children spend more time on the internet. It can have a negative effect on the health of children. Some students are suffering from eye and head problems. 

  • Virus and hacking attacks

Children don’t know what link they have to access and sometimes they give access to any link which is harmful for our device and the device gets hacked. 

  • Online cyber crime 

As we mentioned, students do not have much knowledge about technology. Due to this Cyber crime is also increasing this time. 

  • Time waster

Some students do not know how to use social media and they use it just for their fun. Due to this two problem came that, First is they are distracting from their study and second is wasting time.

  • Cheating  

Some students cheat in online exams and they get good marks from the wrong way. 

  • Killing real communication skill

Now students do not know how to talk with parents or with elders. What we have to discuss with the children. 

  • Money frauds

Money frauds are also done with children due to some parents’ negligence also.

  • Depression

Some students also got depressed due to using their phones so much. 

  • Believing in fake news

Sometimes students did not get full information or faq information. They will share it more and more. It would be like real news, but it isn’t. 

  • Disconnectivity with society

Children are using the internet too much. Some of them want to break all connection from society and want to live alone with their mobile and internet accessibility.


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