A Brand-new Game is Coming to Xbox Game Pass on October 4

It has been announced that on Tuesday, October 4, a new game will be available as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription program. Microsoft is yet to make a formal announcement for the new Xbox Game Pass games arriving in the first two weeks of October 2022. There won’t be a full unveiling until tomorrow or later in the week, but fans already have a hint about a new game coming out on October 4.

Games that will be available on Xbox Game Pass in October 2022, some of them on day one, have already been announced. The official Xbox Title Pass Twitter account has revealed yet another game coming this month for users. Xbox Game Pass members may play the medieval melee fighting game Chivalry 2 beginning on Tuesday, October 4th.

Last year saw the launch of Chivalry 2 across several platforms. It has received generally excellent reviews from critics, who have praised it more than the polarising Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. As such, it should be a welcome addition to the Xbox Game Pass library.

It’s conceivable that more titles may join it on October 4; however, Microsoft has not yet announced the entire lineup of new games coming to Xbox Game Pass in October, so fans will have to wait for further details.

Members of Xbox Game Pass may expect to see more than only Chivalry 2 added to the service in October 2022, although none of these titles have been officially announced yet. Xbox Game Pass is getting another medieval fantasy game on October 6 with Medieval Dynasty, while PC Game Pass will get Coral Island and Eville on the 11th. Also on October 13, Dyson Sphere Program will be available on PC Game Pass.

A Brand-new Game is Coming to Xbox Game Pass on October 4
A Brand-new Game is Coming to Xbox Game Pass on October 4

Norco will be available on October 20 for Xbox Game Pass members, followed by Persona 5 Royal on October 21 and Gunfire Reborn on October 27. In addition to these titles, horror enthusiasts seeking something to play in time for Halloween may be interested in a few new Xbox Game Pass games that were released in October 2022.

For example, the release date of Scorn, a first-person horror game with a horrific graphical style, has been brought up to October 14 from October 21. A Plague Tale: Requiem, another option, will be added to the roster on October 18. Signal, a throwback to the survival horror genre, will be available on Xbox Game Pass on October 27.

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